You Make The Card - Step 5
Vote Results!

Welcome to the Star Wars Trading Card Game - You Make The Card - Step 5!

If you've been following us along our journey each step, you can see that our card is slowly taking shape as you help to make design decisions. First you decided to make a character, then decided that it should be affiliated with the Dark side. Then in an almost unanimous vote, you decided that the character you wanted to make was none other than Mara Jade, a character rich with possibilities from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Next we asked you to submit your own ideas for what the card rules text should be.

In a trading card game, the card text is where you define and redefine the rules of the game. It is where a card finds it's unique individuality and special purpose.

We took some time to read through all of the ideas that were submitted and found that there were a lot of great concepts to go over! In the final analysis, we selected 6 card concepts that we felt would work well with the set. We've re-worded them in a way that makes sense with the game rules and now it's time for you to decide which one will be Mara Jade!

The Card Thus Far

Here are the final concepts you will be voting on in no particular order:

(A) - When Mara Jade attacks, if her attack deals damage equal to one-half the target's health or more (after damage prevention), tap that unit.

(B) - At the start of battle, if Mara Jade is in the Character arena, look at your opponent's hand. Choose one card. Your opponent discards that card, and then he or she draws a card.

(C) - Pay 2 Force {A} Choose one of your opponent's Jedi. Mara Jade deals 1 damage to that unit. This damage cannot be evaded. You may use this ability as often as you like, when no unit is attacking.

(D) - If Mara Jade is in the character arena at the end of the battle phase, the Light Side builds first on the following turn.

(E) - When you finish building Mara Jade (or during your first build step if you built her during set up), choose a Character. Mara Jade gets +4 power when attacking that Character.

(F) - At the end of battle in the Character arena, remove all damage counters from Mara Jade. Your opponent loses 1 Force for each damage counter removed.

One thing to keep in mind is that the selected mechanic will be the feature ability of Mara Jade. The R&D team will also decide if standard abilities such as Evade, Intercept, and so on will also appear on the card, so realize that you are voting on the player submitted portion of the rules text. Another thing to remember is that this card will appear in the Empire Strikes Back expansion, so feel free to speculate on how these abilities would interact with what you think might be in that set.

The Results Are In!

By a wide margin, concept (F) has been voted as the winner! Now that you've decided on the feature rules text for Mara Jade, it will be up to R&D to playtest this new concept to see how it works in conjunction with the other new cards being created for The Empire Strikes Back expansion.

In the meantime, we still have some more decisions to make, so stay tuned as we work on You Make The Card - Step 6 - Coming Soon!

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