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Feature Article
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You Make The Card - Step 6

Stats are in!

Welcome to the Star Wars Trading Card Game - You Make The Card - Step 6!

If you've been following us along our journey each step, you can see that our card is slowly taking shape as you help to make design decisions. First you decided to make a character, then decided that it should be affiliated with the Dark side. Then in an almost unanimous vote, you decided that the character you wanted to make was none other than Mara Jade, a character rich with possibilities from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Next we asked you to submit your own ideas for what the card rules text should be. Out of the 6 card concepts selected, you then decided which rules text Jade would have.

Now you have selected some of the final details of the card as it heads into playtesting - the stats!

The Card Thus Far

Here are the Stats you had to choose from along with the final vote tally:

Speed Power Health Cost Votes
60 4 2 Lowest 5
50 4 3 | 45
60 5 3 | 96
50 5 4 Highest 147

Now that the stats have been selected, the card will go into finaly development within R&D where they will decide on the deployment cost as well as if the card needs any additional abilities for game balance.

There are few more things left to select once that process is finished. The artwork and the card quote will be selected once the card is ready to go. So start thinking of quotes for Mara Jade and check back often to finish making your card!