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Feature Article
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Neutral Sided

Since the creation of this game I have often thought how neat it would be to run a deck made of nothing but neutral cards. Neutral is a side after all, it has just always been very difficult to make a successful, or tournament worthy, neutral deck. Rogues and Scoundrels aims to change all of that.

We have seen powerful and cheap Neutral Characters before, but Greedo (B) certainly aims to take the place of many of them. For only three build, Greedo ()B aims to please. For his three build you receive a speed 30, power five, and health of six. Sounds amazing, right? Well, there are a few drawbacks. First drawback is that he has a somewhat costly upkeep. You may either discard one card or tap him. Discarding cards from hand may be bad sometimes, but this card may also help the Light Side player discard expensive Characters like Mace Windu (A) or Yoda (D) to fulfill the upkeep and have a Character in your Discard pile to be put in play via Han's Promise. Greedo's second drawback is his Accuracy -1. It is never good to build a unit that is going to have a hard time doing damage, but, this keyword ability really isn't that bad. What's really great is Greedo's low build for high power, higher health, and great Bounty. He may not kill every Character on his own, but when he does his Bounty will be very rewarding.

Helping the Neutral Side even more is a new Mission card called Falcon's Needs. Falcon's Needs allows you to choose one of your opponent's units and give it the text "Upkeep: Pay 2 Build points or tap this unit" until end of game. A card like this is much more beneficial than cards like Death Star Hangar Bay, Knockdown, or even Bail Organa. Those cards are all good for their own reasons, but, Falcon's Needs forces your opponent to spend build points or to ultimately tap the unit. Tapping a good unit is never a great idea and sometimes build points can be hard to come by. This kind of card seems to be just what the Neutral side needs to help make their own units that much better. But, besides going in just a Neutral deck, this card also adds advantages to previous Dark Side cards as well. Vader's Interference tied with Falcon's Needs makes it quite hard for the opponent to take advantage of their strong units unless they are generating enough build points. Carbon Freezing Chamber also creates problems for them as now they would ultimately have to pay two build points to not tap the unit and then pay three Force just to keep the unit in that arena. Talk about frustrating!

Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car has very quickly become a favorite among most tournament players. Not to take away the spotlight, but more to add to that spotlight, here is a glimpse at the Cloud Car's older (and bigger) brother, Bespin Cloud Car Squad. It has a four build for speed 50, power 5 and a health of five. Much like the younger sibling, the Squad has Accuracy and the same kind of Force punishment. If your opponent spends three Force when the Ground Battle step starts, they may tap this unit. Fortunately, three is a pretty high number to have to spend just to get one unit tapped. The only real disadvantage to this card is that it receives -1 power for every damage counter on it. There are plenty of ways to heal Ground units though, so this text should not be too fearful. It's also a Bespin unit but unfortunately it is not considered a speeder and cannot be piloted.

I've put off the best for last. More than a year ago, A New Hope was released and two cards created quite a stir. Han Solo (A) was one of those cards and arguably he's been the best Preview card we have seen. The other card generating noise was the all-time favorite, Krayt Dragon. And much like the Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car, this unit now has a sibling. For a mere eight build points, the Dune Sea Krayt Dragon stands mighty tall. While he may not replace the previous Krayt Dragon, he will certainly become a staple alongside it. This new Dragon is a Tatooine unit and a creature, meaning he aims to take full use of all the creature cards from Empire Strikes Back. He has a speed 30, power eight, and a health of eight as well. While he can't untap after every unit he discards, he can untap to attack again after any unit attacks him at the cost of four Force per untap. Although it seems like a hefty amount of Force, I am sure it is quite worth it. Since his text says he can use it only when being attacked, this Dragon can also be attacked, pay the Force to untap, and then have another one of your Ground units Intercept the attack, leaving the Dragon untouched and ready to pounce. A simple Pilot's Speed played on him will make him a speed 70 and if he goes first then he gets to sit and untap after each and every attack against him, Force allowing.

While the Neutral Side may not have as many cards as Light Side or Dark Side yet, it certainly is earning it's way up there. Remember, you can enter a tournament with a completely Neutral deck and register it as both your Light Side and Dark Side deck. With Rogues and Scoundrels, prepare to be on the look out for decks that are only Neutral Sided, thus adding even more depth to your local tournament scene.