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Feature Article
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Old Dogs, New Tricks

It's time for our first Rogues and Scoundrels sneak peeks!

Starting off the bunch is my favorite rare from the set, Chewbacca (I). Chewbacca tends to get better and better with the release of each set and this new persona is no exception. Much like his Empire Strikes Back counterparts, Chewbacca manages to keep his Rebel status helping him benefit from cards that reference Rebels. His build cost has become one higher than his previous most expensive versions and this version is certainly worth every point. For nine build you receive a speed 40, power seven and health of eight unit that packs more punch than any other Character. Chewbacca (I) is granted a version of Retaliate that is not an activated or triggered ability allowing it to get around things like Nexus and Disturbance in the Force. His Retaliate is also free! And if having a Character with free Retaliate doesn't seem good enough for you, he is also blessed with the ability to untap himself if his Retaliate attack causes a unit to be discarded. You'll certainly make your opponent rethink about attacking this unit. Fully stacked, Chewbacca becomes a speed 70, power ten and health of eleven with a free Retaliate of ten. Throw in a couple of Hope of Another cards in your deck and you've got the best Character around and an immunity to cards like Emperor's Bidding.

Next up is my second favorite Character in the set, Darth Vader (L). Darth Vader (L) has a build cost of six, speed 40, power five and health of five. He comes equipped with the activated ability of "Pay 3 Force - Evade 3" and a triggered ability that allows you to take the top three cards of your opponent's deck and place them aside, face up, when Darth Vader attacks. Until the end of turn, you may play any Battle cards you set aside as if they were in your hand. At the end of the Character Battle step, you put back those three cards on top of their owners' deck, in any order. Not only does Darth Vader allow you to see three cards in your opponents deck, but, rearranging them in any order you choose can be detrimental in a game. You also are allowed to play any Battle cards, which can certainly help you. But, the icing on the cake of this persona of Darth Vader is that this Sith Lord is not an Imperial, but, he is a Dark Jedi Master. For all those who have waited for this moment, the moment has arrived.

Now let's look at our first spoiled neutral unit, Boba Fett (F). Finally, a Character to make that lonely Slave 1 a mean fighting machine. While it may not be the Millennium Falcon, if you add this Boba Fett you'll certainly feel Slave 1's strength. For a low, low build cost of four, this Boba Fett is affordable for any version of Slave 1. He has Armor for himself, but gives any Patrol Ship he pilots the following text: +20 Speed, Pay 2 Force - Deflect 1, Bounty: Look at your opponents hand and choose one of those cards. Your opponent discards that card.. If you're playing with cards like Executor Bridge , Tatooine Hangars, and Hoth System, you'll find that building this Pilot plus Patrol Ship combo is quite reasonable and quite effective. While he may not be a fighting force to be reckoned with in the Character arena, he's certainly the best Pilot the Dark Side has seen.

What's a Pilot to do without a ship? Slave I (E) is certainly a Space unit worth taking notice of. The first thing to notice is that it is a neutral unit. In Battle of Yavin, there was a neutral version of the Millennium Falcon that helped the Dark Side contest the Light Side's Millennium Falcon. Consider this unit the equal. Not only can the Light Side now hire Boba Fett to work on their side, but, they can also hire his ship. For a solid build of six, this is a card that will certainly help your other Bounty Hunters as well. It has a good speed of 40, a power four and a health of four. It also comes packs with Accuracy 1. Fully stacked for the Dark Side, this unit can be a power seven, health seven, speed 70 and with the new Boba Fett Pilot onboard it becomes a speed 90, gains Deflect, and allows you to manipulate your opponent's hand.