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Jedi Nights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jedi Nights?
Jedi Nights is a FREE program offered by the DCITM, giving Premier Stores the opportunity to run regular events that are a cut above the average sanctioned tournament. Our goal is to drive players to participate in Star Wars tournaments each week at their nearest Premier Store. As encouragement to do so, we are providing special promo prize cards, described below.

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Q: What do we get as prizes?
For each Jedi Nights event you schedule, you receive three foil prize cards featuring alternate stills (art). These cards are only available through Jedi Nights and the mass-market Star Wars League. The prize cards change each month, so on occasion, the promos will be available through Jedi Nights before they are made available in mass-market league play. These prize cards are to be awarded as follows:

  • 1 copy to the winner;
  • 1 copy to the second-place finisher; and
  • 1 copy that is a door prize, awarded randomly to one of the tournament participants.

Q: Who may sanction Jedi Night events?
Each DCI-sanctioned tournament has an organizer of record who is responsible for sanctioning each event, receiving and distributing prizes, and returning event reports to the DCI. Only the person listed as Wizards of the Coast’s contact at each Premier Store may sanction Jedi Nights events, as special prize cards are involved. Store contacts do not have to actually run the Jedi Nights events, but they are responsible for making sure the event is reported to the DCI properly.

Tournament organizers may only play in Jedi Nights events if they serve as a judge and the tournaments use the 3-Judge System.

Q: How often can I run Jedi Nights events?
You can run one Jedi Nights event per week. The special sanctioning application for this program will list each week of the month, and all you have to do is put an "x" in the box next the date each week that you plan to run Jedi Nights. You will receive a tourna-ment cover sheet (called an Event Report Summary) for each event you schedule, along with the prize cards for that specific event.

Q: What kind of premium cards will be used as prizes for Jedi Nights?
A different prize card will be used each month. Each card will have a premium treatment and feature alternate stills (art). The cards will be from recent sets, desireable for both play and collectability.

Q: How many premium cards do I get for each Jedi Nights event?
Each Jedi Night event pack contains three prize cards for that event. They are to be given out as follows:

  • one copy to the First Place finisher;
  • one copy to Second Place; and
  • one copy given away randomly to a tournament participant.

Q: How long will the program continue?
The current plan is for Jedi Nights to continue indefinitely.

Q: What are the differences between Jedi Nights and the mass-market Star Wars League?
This is a very common question. There are similarities between the two programs and several differences between Jedi Nights and the mass-market Star Wars League:

  1. Each Jedi Nights event is a DCI-sanctioned tournament, meaning players will develop Star Wars DCI ratings and rankings based on their participation in your events. Star Wars League is not DCI sanctioned, and does not count toward DCI ratings.
  2. Jedi Nights tournaments follow a special set of rules—the Star Wars DCI Floor Rules—which all DCI-sanctioned Star Wars events must follow to maintain consistency throughout global tournament play.
  3. Jedi Nights is a structured event that happens in one night. The first seasons of Star Wars League occur over a period of weeks.
  4. Jedi Nights is not available to mass-market chains. It is a special program just for Premier Stores.
  5. The mass-market league is a learn-to-play league that ends in September 2002. Jedi Nights continues on for months to come.

Q: What is the K-value of Jedi Nights tournaments?
All Jedi Nights tournaments use a K-value of 16. An event's K-value determines how many points a player’s rating can go up or down with each match win or loss.

Q: What is the Premier Store Program?
The Premier Store Program is an opportunity for Wizards of the Coast to support retailers who demonstrate a commitment to grow-ing the hobby-game industry and who consistently provide customers with onsite game play and product demonstration activities.

Through this program we provide all approved stores with special programs and product offerings.

Q: How does a store qualify for the Premier Store Program?
To qualify as a Premier Store, a retailer must operate a physical retail store selling a variety of hobby-game products, provide regular in-store product demonstrations and game play programs, and promote the hobby-game industry through marketing and other pro-motional efforts directed at hobby-game players.

If you are interested in applying for the Premier Store Program please telephone 1-800-564-1636 for an application.

Q: What does DCI sanctioning provide?
DCI sanctioning of a tournament provides the following benefits:

  1. The tournament is listed in the upcoming events database on the DCI website. This allows players to find tournaments nearby.
  2. Players will receive DCI rating points for participating in the tournament.
  3. Sanctioning shows that your tournaments will follow a particular set of rules, so players know what to expect from your events—even if they haven't stepped into your store before.

Q: Who do I contact to hold a Jedi Nights tournament?
If you are already associated with a store approved by Wizards of the Coast's Premier Store Program, you may telephone Linda Roberts at (425) 204-7346 or email her at to have a Jedi Nights packet mailed to you.

If your store is not yet associated with the Premier Store Program, contact Direct Sales at 1-800-564-1636 to find out how you can get started.

Q: How far ahead can I schedule the tournaments?
Jedi Nights events are only sanctionable in one-month blocks. The special sanctioning application for this program will list each week of the month, and all you have to do is put an "x" in the box next the date each week that you plan to run Jedi Nights. You will receive a tournament cover sheet (called an Event Report Summary) for each event you schedule, along with the prize cards for that specific event.

The Jedi Nights packet you receive after sanctioning a block of events will include the sanctioning application for the next month.

Q: What happens when I get less than 8 players at a tournament?
One of Jedi Nights' goals is for it to have a profile that is slightly higher than your average DCI-sanctioned event. In keeping with the need to maintain a higher profile for these events—and make the prize cards mean more to the winners—we are requiring that at least 8 players participate in Jedi Nights events.

Organizers drawing less than 8 players will need to cancel their events, unfortunately, and return the prize cards to the DCI. However, the Three Judge System may be used at Jedi Nights events, so if the organizer is serving as a judge along with the Head Judge, only six other players are needed for the event to meet the minimum. Hopefully, with a little advertising, you'll achieve that minimum easily.

When sanctioning your events, please keep the 8-player requirement in mind just in case you need to sanction fewer Jedi Nights events per month to insure that you meet the minimum.

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