Puzzles and Landslides

When we decided to add Mara Jade to the You Make The Card Step 3 voting, we thought we would definitely stir things up a bit. What we didn't realize was the sheer magnitude of Mara fans out there.

In what can only be described as a complete landslide victory, the EU-rific Mara Jade has edged out even the mighty Darth Vader as well as the magnificent General Veers to claim the right as your choice for a player designed card in the Empire Strikes Back expansion.

Next up? You get to submit exciting new abilities for Mara! That's right. We're going to let you submit your very own mechanics, abilities... you name it! So put your thinking caps on and start dreaming about what Mara Jade should be capable of. We're working on creating our entry form so that we can start taking your ideas (with the proper legal disclaimer of course!). So until it's ready to roll, sit back and just imagine what you'd like to see Mara do for you.

Green with Envy
We honestly do feel for all of you Probe Droid fans out there. Honest. Maybe next time?

But Wait! There's More....

Battle Of Yavin

We've cooked up a fun new preview game for you to celebrate the approach of the Death Star and the release of Battle of Yavin. We call it the Preview Puzzle!

We've taken three yet to be spoiled cards from the set (crossing fingers) and mixed them up in cookie cutter fashion. Over the next three weeks, we'll be moving the pieces around a bit so that if you've got that keen ability to make your eyes a little fuzzy and squint just enough.. you just might end up with three full preview images from the set! Good luck and remember to keep a safe viewing distance when staring at any monitor! :)

Preview Puzzle Image 1

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