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Death Star Proxies & Puzzle Part 2

Every once in a while we take a stroll down through the R&D cubicles looking for fun things to scan to show you the behind the scenes flavor of how the SWTCG gets made.

This week, we have a small treat for you! We came across this card while looking for cool Death Star proxies (cards used during design to represent the final version). We found what might well be the earliest version of the Death Star design. Well, in fact we're actually very positive that this is indeed the VERY first design of the Death Star. To shed a little light on what the intial concept for the Death Star might have been... just imagine that this card contains all the information needed to understand what it was supposed to do. I mean... c'mon! It's the Death Star!! What more information do you need??? (hehehe).

Well rest assured, this version was deemed to be "too good" and "broken" so they eventually started to add more game text to get to the Death Stars that you'll be playing with soon. As a consolation we're giving you a look at what the final version of this Death Star might have been...

And now... on to the Preview Puzzle!

Battle Of Yavin

We've been having fun with our new preview game to celebrate the approach of the Death Star and the release of Battle of Yavin. The first week of the Preview Puzzle showed that there are a lot of intuitive puzzlemasters our there... but we've still yet to see a good mock-up of the cards on the net.

In this week's shuffle we've taken our three yet to be spoiled cards and mixed them up to provide you with a truly marvelous quote. Over the next few weeks, we'll be moving the pieces around a bit more so that you might be able to piece together the entire card text for each of our preview cards. Good luck and remember that it's not what you know... but what you "can b know". :)

Preview Puzzle Image 2