Final Preview Puzzle Revealed!

Last week we asked you to tell us what you thought of the new Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars in relationship to the SWTCG. We've taken your poll data and sent it off to R&D so that they can mull over your input and see if there is anything there worth pursuing. We truly appreciate your feedback through this forum as this type of information helps us to make the game closer to your vision for what the SWTCG should be. With that in mind, here's another question we're curious about...

Should there be cards with "fun" mechanics (ie. cards like - finish this quote... or lose force) in the game that would only be for casual play? (illegal in tournament play)

Yes, that would be fun
No, that would be bad

We'll take your feedback and make sure that your voice is heard by those who help design your favorite game.

And now... the Preview Puzzle Answers!

Battle Of Yavin

To celebrate the approach of the Death Star and the upcoming release of Battle of Yavin, we've been mixing up cards and putting together a puzzle to see if you could piece it back together. Over the last three weeks we slowly moved our puzzle pieces around to see if you could put together the information on the cards. To your credit, we found complete mock-ups of the spoiler cards online!

So as a bonus for sticking with us for these past weeks, here are the cards that you helped to discover:

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