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In this week's Behind the Scenes, we talked to R&D about one of our favorite cards from the A New Hope expansion.

Some have asked where the Krayt Dragon image came from and some have noticed that the image was was indeed somewhat based on a sketch done for Star Wars Galaxies, an upcoming MMORPG.

The card was designed early during the development of A New Hope. The designer (David Eckelberry) wanted something that could eat up small units like popcorn - something that he could see a fearsome Dragon doing, and it fit with the depictions of the Krayt that had been seen in Star Wars comic books.

During playtesting, the card saw moderate use, and in two separate instances R&D increased its size (the first time, just for flavor, the second time to make him more likely to see constructed play.)

David recalled that during playtesting, the Krayt ran up against Trade Federation Battleship Cores and got savaged yet other times he would munch through weenie swarms that hadn't manage to kill him before he could attack.

In all, R&D was pretty happy about the balance.

For more information about this deadly creature check out the official Krayt Dragon database entry at

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