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Intercept's Inspiration

How a little idea becomes a bigger mechanic.

Recently we were asked (by a very deductive player) if the Intercept ability was born from the card Attract Enemy Fire.

The answer is, "Why yes it was!"

In fact, many times over the course of set development, new ideas will often get a trial period as a single card in order to see how it evolves into gameplay. Attract Enemy Fire was an example of this.

In the Star Wars TCG, the attacking player always decides what unit is defending an attack. The initial idea for Attract Enemy Fire came from an idea to reverse this basic concept to give the defending player a little surpise to spring on the attacker.

Once we had a chance to see Attract Enemy Fire in action, we decided that we liked the game concept well enough to expand it into other areas of the game (besides just battle cards). And thus was born the Intercept ability.

Intercept allowed us the flexibility to take the core game concept of allowing the defender to choose what is attacked and apply it to various cards, thus making the idea even more useful than the original.

So don't be surprised if you see more abilities in the future that remind you a card from a previous set.

Attract Enemy Fire was the inspiration for the Intercept ability