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Battle of Yavin Preview Images

We're previewing new images from the set.

Battle Of Yavin

The Battle of Yavin promises to capture the excitement and energy of the climactic battle at the end of A New Hope. As the weeks draw closer to the March 31 launch, we'll be previewing imagery taken directly from the cards and seeing if you guess the correct card name that the image will appear on. Good luck!

Previews for the week of January 29, 2003

Battle of Yavin Preview Image
A) One With The Force
B) Obi-Wan's Sacrifice
C) Your Powers Are Weak

Battle of Yavin Preview Image
A) Juggernaut
B) Stormtrooper Armored Transport
C) Assault on Yavin

Battle of Yavin Preview Image
A) Terminate Her, Immediately
B) Grand Moff Tarkin (B)
C) Taking An Awful Risk

Battle of Yavin Preview Image
A) I Have You Now
B) Vader's TIE Fighter (C)
C) Vader's Fury

Answers for the week of January 22, 2003

A) This Ain't Like Dustin' Crops
B) Han's Evasion
C) Han Solo (C)

A) Sandtrooper Squad
B) Alright, Check This Side
C) I Thought We Were Dead

A) Get Us Out Of Here
B) Tatooine Hangar
C) Millennium Falcon (C)

A) Wookiee Intimidation
B) Let The Wookiee Win
C) Chewbacca (C)