Poll: Favorite Bounty Hunter

The results are in for your favorite Darth Vader. If the poll for Luke Skywalker was a tight race, the poll for Vader was an absolute landslide. As you may have expected, Darth Vader (K) simply ran away with the votes!

Version Votes Percentage
Darth Vader (K) 253 51.50%
Darth Vader (H) 42 8.60%
Darth Vader (J) 36 7.30%
Darth Vader (E) 22 4.50%
Darth Vader (D) 21 4.30%
Darth Vader (F) 19 3.90%
Darth Vader (I) 19 3.90%
Darth Vader (A) 17 3.50%
Darth Vader (M) 17 3.50%
Darth Vader (G) 13 2.60%
Darth Vader (C) 12 2.40%
Darth Vader (L) 10 2.00%
Darth Vader (B) 10 2.00%
Totals: 491 100%

New versions of Luke, new versions of Darth -- will Return of the Jedi feature a new version of Boba Fett as well? To follow last week's poll, we wanted to ask which version of Boba Fett has been your favorite so far -- or perhaps you prefer another bounty hunter from the Executor's deck.

Which is your favorite version of Boba Fett (or other bounty hunter)?
Boba Fett (C)
Boba Fett (D)
Boba Fett (E)
Boba Fett (F)
Boba Fett (G)
Bossk (A)
Dengar (A)
IG-88 (A)
Zuckuss (A)
4-LOM (A)

Thoughts or comments? Visit the message board thread for this debate here.

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