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Feature Article
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Poll Results: Favorite Bounty Hunter

The results are in for your favorite bounty hunter (at least among those seen on the bridge of the Executor). Boba Fett (G) won a decisive victory, though followed by IG-88 (A) and Bossk (A).

Version Votes Percentage
Boba Fett (G) 156 33.40%
IG-88 (A) 98 21.00%
Bossk (A) 76 16.30%
Boba Fett (C) 39 8.40%
Dengar (A) 25 5.40%
Boba Fett (F) 25 5.40%
Boba Fett (E) 19 4.10%
Boba Fett (D) 15 3.20%
Zuckuss (A) 9 1.90%
4-LOM (A) 5 1.10%
Totals: 467 100