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Feature Article
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SW:TCG Character Poll

With elections underway, we wanted to give SW:TCG players a chance to participate in one of their own -- naturally, between the Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral Characters. Over the past several weeks, SW:TCG polls have selected the following candidates. Good luck, and may the best Character win!

Light Side

Luke Skywalker (E)

Platform: A 50/4/3 unit in his own right, Luke (E) also brings tremendous piloting abilities to your starfighters: a damaging Critical Hit 4, as well as excellent Evade skills to keep your starfighters in the game.

In the first poll, Luke (E) managed an extremely close victory over Luke Skywalker (I) -- winning by a single vote. He'll need a broader base of support if he hopes to defeat the likes of Vader (K) and Boba Fett (G).

Dark Side

Darth Vader (K)

Platform: Vader (K) may be pricey at 10 build, but for that cost you control the Character arena with a 50/6/6 unit able to Evade as much damage as you have the Force to spend. Add in Armor and his ability to gain even more power and Stun, and 10 build becomes a reasonable price to pay.

In his poll, players agreed the clear choice was Vader (K), who won more votes than all other versions combined.


Boba Fett (G)

Platform: True, Boba Fett (G) requires an Upkeep of 1 build point, but this bounty hunter must be paid for his work. In exchange, you get a 70/7/7 unit with Armor; plus, his bounty of 1 build point basically negates this Upkeep. Perhaps most valuable of all, though, whenever Boba (G) damages an opponent, that opponent loses 1 Force -- an even more expensive price to pay with Return of the Jedi's Force-fueled Hidden Cost mechanic.

Boba (G) won a contentious race, with write-ins for Greedo, Jango Fett, and Aurra Sing.

Which is your favorite Character?
Light Side: Luke Skywalker (E)
Dark Side: Darth Vader (K)
Neutral: Boba Fett (G)

Thoughts or comments? Visit the message board thread for this debate here.