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Han's Promise

Oh my goodness -- not another Han's Promise/Reanimator deck? Yes, another one, sans Chewie. Han's Promise is one of the strongest strategies in the current Star Wars Trading Card Game environment, and it might be better now than ever before. One of the Dark Side's strongest deck strategies is Blockade {TPM}, which mainly shuts down the Light Side's ability to deploy units. It gets even worse when Occupied Tatooine is used to get Blockade {TPM} back turn after turn. (For a look at this exact strategy, just check out the "Blockaded Occupied Tatooine" deck on this website.)

That's where Han's Promise and Second Wave come to save the day. They get around Blockade {TPM} and provide units at a discount.

How is this deck different from others? It drops most of the typical card choices in favor of more card draw and build advantage, speed, and the Contingency Plan engine. Duel of the Fates decks used this same engine to play Duel of the Fates, A Moment's Rest, and Surprise Attack in one swoop, usually first. The same concept applies here, except that your turn usually goes: Han's Promise, Second Wave, Han's Promise.

Basically, you drop four or five units that draw cards or gain build during set-up. Then you put the rest of your build points on one last unit and finish set-up. Hopefully, you will have 8 to 12 build points on the remaining unit. Then when your build phase starts, draw cards like crazy until you have Contingency Plan. Once you have that, you'll have the build points needed for the deck to go off.

What It Uses

Jawa Sandcrawler, Jawa Crawler, Jabba's Sail Barge (A), and Jedi Patrol provide card draws and search. The drawback of having to discard is actually a benefit in this deck. You more than likely won't win the Ground arena, but your units have high defense, so your opponent won't win easily, either.

Remember the Prophecy is the most valuable player of the deck. With it, you can burn through five cards and keep all cards of the chosen type. The key cards in the deck are all Missions, so it fits right in.

If possible, don't deploy any Space units during set-up, unless it's YV-664 Light Freighter. You can then use them for build points to pay for Second Wave. Also during set-up, play as many card drawers as possible, as you will need to be able to draw the combo pieces consistently.

Power Dive is your ace in the hole against decks that use Imperial Endor Fleet and its Hidden Cost ability to mount surprise attacks.

Compared to other Reanimator decks, this one is unmatched in speed. It isn't as versatile as some versions, but it makes up for this in explosiveness and raw power.

Han's Wave
1 C-3PO (A)
1 C-3PO (B)
1 C-3PO (H)
1 R2-D2 (F)
1 Yaddle (A)
1 Finis Valorum (B)
1 Zutton (A)
2 Yoda (D)
2 Mace Windu (A)
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (I)
1 Orn Free Taa (A)
1 Princess Leia (C)
3 Jawa Crawler
4 Jawa Sandcrawler
1 Jabba's Sail Barge (A)
4 Jedi Patrol
4 YV-664 Light Freighter
2 Delta Six Jedi Starfighter
1 Virago (A)
1 Inferno (A)
1 IG-2000 (A)
1 Hound's Tooth (A)
1 Stinger (A)
1 Luke's X-wing (B)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B)
2 Power Dive
4 Departure Time
4 Remember the Prophecy
4 Contingency Plan
3 Second Wave
4 Han's Promise
14 Character
12 Ground
13 Space
2 Battle
19 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

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