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Spirit Madness

Regular readers of this website may have noticed that I try to balance my deck-concept articles between competitiveness and casual play, between enhancement of existing combos and utilization of new cards. After all, where's the fun in fielding the same tired old units time after time after time?

This latest article -- the "Spirit Madness" deck -- is no exception. Sure, some well-oiled friends are here, but the theme is very different and will no doubt spark a few gasps of surprise from your regular gaming pals!

Learn, You Will

That’s right, the little green Muppet plays a pivotal role in this Aggressive-Control deck. Yoda's Spirit (A) represents the least expensive of all the spirit cards with potential that cannot be ignored. By himself, the Jedi Master represents an almost indestructible 1 Force per turn engine. It’s when he combines with another Return of the Jedi newbie, however, that he reveals his true power.

It’s an unlikely double act, but one that is taking venues by storm all around the world. For 0 Force, the spirit can Intercept any attack. Re-reading the little guy’s text again? That’s right -- all damage dealt by Yoda’s Spirit is automatically prevented. So, for 8 build, two units can hold the Character arena, leaving you free to bolster other arenas and invest in the optimum way to win the Character battle.

In order to find the Jabba the Hutt (C) and Yoda's Spirit (A) combo that you need to own the Character arena, you must draw as deep into the deck as possible as fast as possible. With this in mind, Spirit Madness combines low-cost units that will help you dig deep in setup with the best card-drawers in the game.

The Character Arena -- the Tool Box

Looking past the combo brings us to a host of individuals handpicked for reasons as varied as their backgrounds.

Holding is one thing, but winning is quite another. A'Sharad Hett (A), Dark Woman (A), and Shaak Ti (B) are the muscle to grasp that win. Maybe they're not as formidable as Mace, Yoda, or Chewbacca, but they don’t need to be. Yoda’s Spirit (A) will bear the brunt of any attack; all you have to worry about is the most effective means of retaliation. Shaak Ti and Dark Woman personify outstanding value for money, with their power-boost and Accuracy abilities, while A’Sharad Hett gives you inexpensive, unpreventable damage.

Princess Leia (G), Jedi Youngling, and Finis Valorum (B) offer bonuses to every area of your game, while Orn Free Taa (A) can (thankfully) take that Death Star II or Devastator (A) out of circulation.

Yoda (E) is just a solid, all-around, er, guy, and Commander Willard (A) and Admiral Ackbar (A) provide a solid base from which to build and take the Space Arena.

The Space Arena

Speaking of space, let's move on up and take a look at this arena. Rebel units feature prominently to take advantage of Admiral Ackbar’s power bonus. The squadrons and escorts are inexpensive units that become giant killers under the guidance of the Rebel hierarchy.

IG-2000 (A), Luke's X-wing (B), and Obi-Wan’s Starfighter are strong, stand-alone units that deserve a place in any deck, and they become dominating with Commander Willard. Last, but by no means least, are the Falcons, here representing Space arena power and Character arena support.

The Ground Arena

The Ground arena may look like an afterthought, but Jawa Sandcrawler, Coruscant Air Bus, and Jabba's Sail Barge (A) enable a quick draw into the Jabba-Spirit combo, while their high toughness also maximizes the number of turns you gain that extra build point for having a unit in all arenas. Skiff can slip under the radar whilst your opponent tries to stop you from drawing cards, taking that stacked Darth Sidious or Darth Vader out of circulation and making him easy meat for your angry Jedi!

Battle and Missions

Relying on a two-card combo to take an arena can be risky, especially when both cards are pretty weak by themselves. Discuss It in Committee offers plenty of help, allowing you that extra turn or two to bolster your Space arena or finishing building your Jabba/Yoda combo. High Speed Dodge keeps your Space units alive, while Power Dive is amazing once you deploy Admiral Ackbar.

The Missions fill in the gaps. Jedi Call for Help and Jedi Council Summons help to secure either the combo or a supporting unit, while Explore the Swamps helps you locate either Free Coruscant (to take out potentially lethal Locations such as the Carbon Freezing Chamber) or Rebel Hangar (to keep the Falcon around for a few more vital turns). Homing Missile can deal the deathblow to already damaged units, and Guidance of the Chancellor is simply an amazing card, again helping to locate the Character combo or to take the wind out of your opponent’s sails!


Without an aggressive Ground arena, your Space units are vulnerable to Ion Cannon attacks from units such as the Death Star Turbolaser Tower. This deck also relies heavily on Force, so Force Denial decks utilizing Nexu can easily lock you down. Apart from those potential weaknesses, however, the Spirit Madness deck is very consistent and a lot of fun to play.

3 Jabba the Hutt (C)
3 Yoda's Spirit (A)
1 Shaak Ti (B)
1 Finis Valorum (B)
1 Princess Leia (G)
1 Commander Willard (A)
1 Yoda (E)
1 Jedi Youngling
1 Dark Woman (A)
1 Orn Free Taa (A)
1 A'Sharad Hett (A)
1 Admiral Ackbar (A)
4 Jawa Sandcrawler
4 Coruscant Air Bus
3 Skiff
1 Jabba's Sail Barge (A)
4 Red Squadron X-wing
4 X-wing Escort
1 IG-2000 (A)
1 Luke's X-wing (B)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B)
1 Millennium Falcon (B)
1 Millennium Falcon (D)
1 Millennium Falcon (E)
1 Millennium Falcon (F)
3 Discuss It in Committee
3 High-Speed Dodge
2 Power Dive
2 Homing Missile
1 Jedi Call for Help
1 Jedi Council Summons
1 Guidance of the Chancellor
1 Explore the Swamps
2 Free Coruscant
1 Rebel Hangar
16 Character
12 Ground
16 Space
8 Battle
6 Mission
0 Equipment
3 Location

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