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Revenge of the Sith Preview

Not Today Chump…

Continuing our look at some new powerful common cards, we bring you what promises to be a very annoying little Ground unit.

5+ health units are plain awkward.

They soak up a decent amount of damage and generally require at least 2 attacks to discard them. I’m sure all of us at one point or another has faced a Jabba's Sail Barge (A), a Death Star Turbolaser Tower or Jawa Sandcrawler that will just not die!

The Coruscant Emergency Ship takes annoyance to a new level. Its 0 Force cost ability can target any other Ground unit -- including itself. So, if you want to take out our newest healer, it effectively requires 7 damage to be discarded. That requires a concerted effort by your opponent and will leave some of your other units free to counterattack. And if your opponents ignore the Coruscant Emergency Ship, they'd better be dealing more than 2 damage to whatever else it is attacking!

The Coruscant Emergency Ship is also a Neutral unit and a speeder, so expect to see it sliding quickly into pure Neutral decks as well as being featured in both Light Side and Dark Side creations.

Coming up, my last preview for the new set -- featuring a rare that loves swarms…