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Revenge of the Sith Preview

Strength in Numbers…

Let's get right to the card:

At first, this unit may not look too good. 6 build for a 4-power unit without any activated abilities? 6 build will purchase quite a lot these days, and this just seems to be in the wrong market. But, since when does a fighter wing attack by itself? Start deploying this unit alongside a variety of support ships and blam!, you have a powerhouse that can take down anything!

First, let’s look at this unit’s strengths. 50 speed and 8 health are good values for a 6 build unit. It may not get to attack first, but it will certainly not go last and will stay around for quite some time.

Weaknesses? Well apart from its low power, the Republic Fighter Wing does not have any damage evasion properties. No Armor, no Evade and no Shields.

The solution?


The trick to using the Republic Fighter Wing effectively is to surround it with a number of low-cost units that both bolster the Wing's power and minimize its weaknesses. I see this unit fitting perfectly into Rebel decks that swarm in space with units such as X-wing Red Three that can Intercept potentially fatal attacks. Add to this such tricks as Rebel Hangar and Guardian Mantis (A), and you have a very nasty unit that will certainly make its voice heard!

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into the new set!