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Tatooine Meanies

The Light Side Swarm deck -- many thought it to be all but extinct after the release of Sith Rising and the introduction of Unfriendly Fire. This card can really put the hurting on, and when two are dropped . . . well, that spells doom for most, if not all, Swarm decks.

Then came the bane of Unfriendly Fire: Disrupt. Now that you can halt that card dead in its tracks, the Light Side Swarm deck can make a huge comeback, and with some new additions, it can be better than ever. When you think of Light Side Swarm, three major themes come to mind: Rebels, Clones, and Tuskens. Today, we're going to talk about those dreaded Tuskens.

The Character Arena

First off, you have the Tusken Sharpshooter, which gives all your other Tuskens Accuracy 1. So, not only will you have quite a few Tuskens out, but you'll have quite a few Tuskens out with Accuracy. But what good will Accuracy do if you can't use it before your units are picked off? That's what the RIC-920 is for. By giving all your Tatooine units +20 speed, you're all but assured to have the speed advantage with one or two of these guys out.

And now we come to one of those cost-reduction units that make this deck the swarming beast that it was meant to be: C-3PO (C). By making all your Neutral units cost 1 build point less, you gain a huge advantage over your opponent, especially with the amount of Neutral units that this deck runs.

What good are all these utilities, though, if you can't protect them? In comes the Tusken Raider and Tusken Warrior. The Tusken Raider is like a powered-up version of a Scurrier, gaining +2 power for each Tusken unit that you have in any arena. The Tusken Warrior, while not benefiting from the RIC-920's bonus, is still a beast with unpreventable damage. An attack with one of these bad boys can put the hurtin' on most Dark Side Characters.

The Ground Arena

Well, with all the support for Neutral, Tusken, and Tatooine units in Character, it's only logical that all the Ground units have at least one of those subtypes. First off is the Tusken Camp, which has the amazing ability of healing all your Tuskens for 1 damage each time you enter the Ground battle step. The Tusken Squad is a solid unit that gains all the bonuses being thrown around in Character, so this was a very logical choice.

What else can be said of Jabba's Guards, the star of Return of the Jedi and one of the best Ground units in the game? With "Pay 0 Force Arrow Intercept" and "Pay 3 Force Arrow Retaliate 3," what could make this unit better? It's the most economical unit in the game, and you don't even have to pay its Upkeep for it to be useful.

What, though, is worth protecting?

Why, Sarlacc (A), of course -- the final straw that will break most Dark Side Character arenas. They just can't take damage from that many different fronts.

Last, but not least, is the one card that has been in almost every deck ever created, Jawa Sandcrawler. Need I reiterate why this card has stood the test of time?

The Space Arena

This is probably the hardest arena to pick units for. Modified YV-330 (A) and Millennium Falcon (C) are obvious choices. Both can stand toe-to-toe with most units that can be thrown at them, and the fact that C-3PO (C) makes them cost even less just adds to their value. Inferno (A) and IG-2000 (A) are good units to support a swarm as well, and the Inferno (A)'s Lucky ability can really frustrate your opponent.

From the base of these units, the rest of the Space arena can take two paths. You can choose cheap Neutral units or cheap Light Side units. Since the Light Side units are generally "better," that's what I decided to go with. Luke's X-Wing (B) and Luke's X-Wing (C) are two more of those stand-alone units that, if pressed into service, can hold down an arena. Delta-Six Jedi Starfighters are just wicked in and of themselves. With "Pay 1 Force Arrow Evade 1" and "Critical Hit 1," they pack a nasty one-two punch of offensive and defensive greatness -- and for only 3 build.


Here's where your disruption protection comes from Unfriendly Fire and, to a lesser extent, Lando's Influence. And it comes in the form of Lando's Trickery. By tapping a Neutral unit, you can disrupt any Battle card your opponent throws at you, and you have no shortage of Neutral units in this deck.

The other Battle card is Vendetta, which works wonders with the Character setup by preventing all damage to one of your units and then giving it unpreventable damage on its next attack.


This deck can run through cards very quickly, so Wedding of Destiny is almost a must in order to keep your hand replenished with new threats to throw at your opponent. And speaking of throwing, Homing Missile rounds out the deck very nicely with an almost assured 3 damage to a unit of your choice.


Did someone say something about cheap units? Well, with Lars Homestead in a deck, most of your units are bound to cost at least 1 less build point. With a cost of 3 build points to deploy this Location, it's rather hard to replace, so you can be confident that it will stick around for a while to work its magic on your units.

Forests of Endor is another one of those cards that can almost single-handedly win an arena; if your opponent can't spare the Force, your units are invulnerable to their attacks.

General Tips

Get C-3PO (C) out as soon as you can; coupled with Lars Homestead, all your Neutral units will cost 2 less build points. Jawa Sandcrawlers are also important so you can cycle through your deck to get the units you need. Otherwise, this deck plays like any other Swarm deck: lots of units plus lots more units equals board advantage.

My last tip is to make sure that you're always thinking at least two to three turns ahead in any game, and "May the cards be with you" (unless you're playing me, of course)!

Tatooine Meanies
4 Tusken Sharpshooter
4 Tusken Raider
4 RIC-920
3 Tusken Warrior
3 C-3PO (C)
4 Tusken Camp
4 Tusken Squad
3 Jawa Sandcrawler
2 Jabba's Guards
2 Sarlacc (A)
2 Modified YV-330 (A)
2 Millennium Falcon (C)
1 IG-2000 (A)
1 Inferno (A)
1 Luke's X-wing (B)
1 Luke's X-wing (C)
4 Delta-Six Jedi Starfighter
3 Lando's Trickery
3 Vendetta
3 Homing Missile
3 Wedding of Destiny
3 Lars Homestead
2 Forests of Endor
18 Character
15 Ground
12 Space
6 Battle
6 Mission
0 Equipment
5 Location

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