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Ties That Bind

On April 2, 2005, Wizards of the Coast released the Star Wars Trading Card Game Revenge of the Sith expansion set to the public. Every new set creates new card interactions with the existing card pool. These interactions, known as "combos," will always change the current tournament scene. In this article, we'll look at the cards I believe will have the biggest effect on tournaments -- for better or for worse!

Combo #1: Jedi Whack-a-Mole

Darth Vader (R) + Spinning Slash + Rage of Victory

This three-card combo is very easy to complete. Play the mission, and then use Battle cards to attack each character in the Character arena. Vader's damage is unpreventable, so you would start with the weakest, and if Vader's attack causes a unit to be discarded, Vader's power will increase by 3 for the next attack.

Other Mission cards, such as Subtle Assassination, Gas Attack, and Homing Missile, can help with the power of this combo. A big weakness of this combo is intercept, because once they intercept, Vader can no longer attack a unit he has already attacked.

Combo #2: Turbo Card Draw with a Side of Build Points

Mas Amedda (A) + Probot

This is a great combo to gain build and draw cards. Here's how it works: Mas Amedda (A) places a damage counter on the Probot, which will net you 1 build point. Then the triggered ability of the Probot will activate, causing Probot to be discarded. You'll draw five cards and return one to the top of your deck for the counter that was on Probot when it was discarded.

This combo can get seriously deadly with units like General Maximilian Veers (B). Veers will allow you to reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Ground unit, you can place it into the Ground arena until the end of turn, at which time it's discarded. So, if the one card you replace is a Ground unit, you get a free unit for that turn.

Combo #3: Snatch and Smash

Darth Sidious (F) + Darth Sidious (G)

All I can say is "wow" -- this one's a meanie. Darth Sidious (G) can discard one of his own units to gain control of an opponent's. Then switch the stack to Darth Sidious (F) to discard that controlled unit and gain half of that build cost in Force and build in any combination. Truly, Sidious is a new force to be reckoned with in the Star Wars Trading Card Game universe!

To add newer levels of unit destruction, you can use Sacrifice the Expendable to get a two-for-one effect in the Ground arena.

Combo #4: Force-Fueled Mayhem

Kashyyyk System + Well-Earned Meal

This combo works best when you have a higher starting Force total. Basically, when the Dark Side space unit attacks, you get the chance to pay x Arrow retaliate x, with x being the defending unit's cost. If your retaliate causes the attacked unit to be discarded and you have Well-Earned Meal in play, you'll gain Force equal to the discarded unit's cost. This is very handy for those pesky Dark Side space swarms.

To take this to the next level, try Lightsaber Quick Draw or Even Piell (A) combined with Well-Earned Meal, and watch the Dark Side player twitch.

Combo #5: Senior Star Wars TCG Citizen Power Pump

Padme Amidala (G) + Spirit of the Fallen

In essence, this is a combo for all those character swarms like Jawa, Tusken, Creature, and Clones. Spirit of the Fallen is a +2 power boost to all units in the Character arena, but with a catch -- a unit has to have discarded from the Character arena that turn. Basically, Padme's discard from the arena satisfies the cost requirement of Spirit of the Fallen and gives you some extra Force and cards to help with the swarm.

For more fun with this combo, add Close Quarters for extra power boost in the Character arena as well as the Ground arena.

Use These Powers Wisely

Now the power is your hands, fellow Star Wars Trading Card Game players. Please be careful when using these killer combos!

Thoughts or comments? Visit the message board thread for this article here.