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Michael Mikaelian

Where to Begin

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02 - Anatomy of a Card
03 - Space Cards
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05 - Character Cards
06 - Using the Force
07 - Card Abilities and Strategies
08 - Grand Battles
09 - Game Setup
10 - Deck Building

The Star Wars saga is well on its way towards completion with the upcoming release of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. For nearly 25 years fans like you have relived these epic adventures through games, toys, books, events, as well as revisiting Episodes I and IV-VI on video and DVD. Finding new and exciting ways to recapture that sense of wonder you felt when you first visited that galaxy far, far away is one of the most rewarding experiences for a Star Wars fan-next to actually watching the movies!

This spring Wizards of the Coast releases the first cards for its brand-new Star Wars trading card game (TCG), the Attack of the Clones set. Over the next few weeks you'll see an exclusive preview of the set and learn much about the game. When this preview is complete, you'll have all the information you'll need to play the Star Wars TCG. The only thing missing then will be some cards, dice, and counters. Although you'll be able to purchase cards in booster packs, find dice virtually anywhere, and use every-day items such as coins for counters, the best way to get it all in one place is a starter set.

The starter set comes with two 30-card decks, four 6-sided dice, damage and Force counters, an instructional play mat, and complete rulebook. Even if you aren't an experienced card player you'll be ready to build your own decks in no time. The instructional play mat is designed to teach you the parts of the game-even if you've never played a TCG before it'll all make perfect sense. If you aren't sure what to expect from the starter set, this preview is the perfect opportunity to see what the Star Wars TCG and the Attack of the Clones set have to offer.

Attack of the Clones may be the middle of the Star Wars saga, but it's just the beginning of the Star Wars TCG. This summer, the Sith Rising expansion set will incorporate elements of The Phantom Menace as well into the game. Later this year, the A New Hope set will set the stage for a series of expansion sets based on the classic Star Wars trilogy. In the years to follow, more expansion sets will complete the classic trilogy, explore the Expanded Universe, and eventually bring us to Episode III.

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