Attack of the Clones(tm) Spoiler List
180 Cards Total
Rarity: 60 Common, 60 Uncommon, 60 Rare
28 Space, 30 Ground, 60 Character, 37 Battle, 25 Mission

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Number Name Type Version Rarity
29 A Moment's Rest Mission R
61 Acklay Character U
1 Anakin Skywalker (A) Character A R
2 Anakin Skywalker (B) Character B R
62 Anakin Skywalker (C) Character C U
121 Anakin Skywalker (D) Character D C
63 Anakin's Inspiration Battle U
3 Assassin Droid ASN-121 (A) Character A R
64 AT-TE Walker 23X Ground U
65 AT-TE Walker 71E Ground R
66 Attract Enemy Fire Battle U
4 Bail Organa (A) Character A R
122 Battle Droid Squad Ground C
5 Battle Fatigue Battle R
6 Boba Fett (A) Character A R
123 Bravo N-1 Starfighter Space C
67 C-3PO (A) Character A U
7 Captain Typho (A) Character A R
68 Capture Obi-Wan Mission U
69 Chancellor Palpatine (A) Character A R
124 Chancellor's Guard Squad Ground C
70 Chase the Villain Mission U
71 Cheat the Game Battle U
8 Clear the Skies Mission R
72 Cliegg Lars (A) Character A U
9 Clone Officer Character R
125 Clone Platoon Ground C
126 Clone Squad Ground C
73 Clone Warrior 4/163 Character U
74 Clone Warrior 5/373 Character U
127 Commerce Guild Droid 81 Ground C
75 Commerce Guild Droid Platoon Ground U
128 Commerce Guild Starship Space C
76 Cordé (A) Character A U
129 Corellian Star Shuttle Space C
77 Coruscant Freighter AA-9 (A) Space A U
10 Dark Rendezvous Mission R
11 Dark Side's Command Battle R
12 Dark Side's Compulsion Battle R
78 Dark Speed Battle U
13 Darth Sidious (A) Character A R
14 Darth Tyranus (A) Character A R
79 Darth Tyranus (B) Character B U
130 Darth Tyranus (C) Character C C
80 Departure Time Mission U
131 Destroyer Droid Squad Ground C
81 Destroyer Droid, P Series Character U
15 Destruction of Hope Mission R
16 Dexter Jettster (A) Character A R
82 Down in Flames Battle U
83 Droid Control Ship Space U
132 Droid Starfighter DFS-4CT Space C
133 Droid Starfighter Squadron Space C
134 Droid Starfighter Wing Space C
84 Elan Sleazebaggano (A) Character A R
135 Elite Jedi Squad Ground C
136 Flying Geonosian Squad Ground C
137 Geonosian Defense Platform Ground C
138 Geonosian Fighter Space C
85 Geonosian Guard Character U
17 Geonosian Sentry Character R
139 Geonosian Squad Ground C
86 Geonosian Warrior Character U
87 Go to the Temple Battle U
140 Gozanti Cruiser Space C
141 Hatch a Clone Mission C
142 Hero's Dodge Battle C
18 Hero's Duty Battle R
19 Hero's Flaw Battle R
143 High-Force Dodge Battle C
144 Hyperdrive Ring Space C
88 Infantry Battle Droid, B1 Series Character U
20 Interference in the Senate Battle R
145 InterGalactic Banking Clan Starship Space C
21 Jango Fett (A) Character A R
22 Jango Fett (B) Character B R
89 Jango Fett (C) Character C U
146 Jango Fett (D) Character D C
23 Jar Jar Binks (A) Character A R
90 Jawa Sandcrawler Ground U
24 Jedi Call for Help Mission R
25 Jedi Council Summons Mission R
26 Jedi Knight's Deflection Battle R
91 Jedi Patrol Ground U
147 Jedi Starfighter 3R3 Space C
92 Kaminoan Guard Character U
93 Kit Fisto (A) Character A U
148 Knockdown Battle C
27 Lama Su (A) Character A R
149 Lost in the Asteroids Battle C
150 Lull in the Fighting Battle C
28 Luxury Airspeeder Ground U
94 Master and Apprentice Battle U
151 Mending Mission C
152 N-1 Starfighter Space C
153 Naboo Cruiser Space C
30 Naboo Defense Station Ground R
154 Naboo Royal Starship Space C
95 Naboo Security Guard Character U
155 Naboo Senatorial Escort Ground C
96 Naboo Spaceport Ground U
156 Naboo Starfighter Squadron Space C
97 Nexu Character U
98 Nute Gunray (A) Character A U
31 Obi-Wan Kenobi (A) Character A R
99 Obi-Wan Kenobi (B) Character B U
157 Obi-Wan Kenobi (C) Character C C
32 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A) Space A R
33 Order Here Mission R
158 Padawan's Deflection Battle C
34 Padmé Amidala (A) Character A R
35 Padmé Amidala (B) Character B R
100 Padmé Amidala (C) Character C U
159 Padmé Amidala (D) Character D C
36 Padmé's Yacht (A) Space A R
160 Patrol Speeder Ground C
161 Peace on Naboo Battle C
162 Pilot's Dodge Battle C
37 Plo Koon (A) Character A R
38 Plot the Secession Mission R
101 Poggle the Lesser (A) Character A U
39 Power Dive Battle R
40 Queen Jamillia (A) Character A R
41 R2-D2 (A) Character A R
163 Recon Speeder Ground U
102 Reek Ground U
103 Republic Assault Ship Space U
164 Republic Attack Gunship UH-478 Ground C
104 Republic Cruiser Space C
165 Repulsorlift Malfunction Battle C
166 Return to Spaceport Mission C
167 Rickshaw Ground C
42 San Hill (A) Character A U
43 Second Effort Battle R
44 Seek the Council's Wisdom Mission R
105 Shaak Ti (A) Character A U
106 Ship Arrival Mission U
45 Shu Mai (A) Character A U
46 Slave I (A) Space A R
168 Slumming on Coruscant Mission C
169 Sonic Shockwave Battle C
170 Speeder Bike Squadron Ground C
47 Spirit of the Fallen Battle R
107 Splinter the Republic Mission U
171 Starship Refit Mission C
108 Strength of Hate Battle U
109 Subtle Assassination Mission U
110 Super Battle Droid 8EX Character U
172 Surge of Power Battle C
173 Swoop Bike Ground C
174 Take the Initiative Mission C
175 Target Locked Battle C
48 Target the Senator Mission R
49 Taun We (A) Character A R
176 Taylander Shuttle Space C
177 Techno Union Starship Space C
111 Trade Federation Battleship Space U
50 Trade Federation Battleship Core Ground R
112 Trade Federation C-9979 Space U
178 Trade Federation War Freighter Space C
51 Tyranus's Edict Mission R
52 Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder (A) Ground A R
113 Tyranus's Gift Battle U
53 Tyranus's Solar Sailer (A) Space A R
54 Tyranus's Wrath Battle R
114 Underworld Connections Mission U
179 Walking Droid Fighter Ground C
55 War Will Follow Battle R
56 Ward of the Jedi Battle R
115 Wat Tambor (A) Character A U
116 Watto (A) Character A U
117 Weapon Response Battle U
118 Wedding of Destiny Mission U
57 Windu's Solution Battle R
58 Yoda (A) Character A R
119 Yoda (B) Character B U
59 Yoda's Intervention Battle R
60 Zam Wesell (A) Character A R
180 Zam Wesell (B) Character B C
120 Zam's Airspeeder (A) Ground A U
180 results.

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