Battle Of Yavin Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Rarity
105 Y-wing Gold Two Space C
35 Your Powers Are Weak Mission R
34 X-wing Squadron Space R
104 X-wing Red Ten Space C
103 X-wing Red Squadron Space C
70 Womp Rat Ground U
69 WED Treadwell Ground U
102 Visit to Mos Eisley Mission C
33 Vader's Fury Battle R
68 Untamed Ronto Ground U
67 Tusken War Party Ground U
66 Tusken Raider Squad Ground U
101 Trust Your Feelings Battle C
98 TIE Fighter DS-73-5 Space C
100 TIE Fighter DS-55-2 Space C
99 TIE Fighter DS-29-4 Space C
97 TIE Defense Squadron Space C
65 Tatooine Hangar Ground U
94 Stormtrooper TK-875 Character C
96 Stormtrooper Regiment Ground C
95 Stormtrooper Platoon Ground C
64 Stormtrooper KE-829 Character U
32 Stormtrooper Commander Character R
93 Stormtrooper Assault Battle C
87 Star Destroyer Space C
31 Second Wave Mission R
92 Sandtrooper Squad Ground C
63 Sabers Locked Battle U
62 Refit on Yavin Mission U
30 Rebel Ground Crew Chief Character R
91 Rebel Defense Team Ground C
61 Rebel Armored Freerunner Ground U
28 R2-X2 (A) Character R
29 R2-Q5 (A) Character R
60 R2-D2 (D) Character U
59 Princess Leia (E) Character U
27 Princess Leia (D) Character R
90 Pilot's Speed Battle C
89 Outrun Battle C
58 Obi-Wan's Handiwork Battle U
26 Obi-Wan's Guidance Character R
25 Obi-Wan Kenobi (H) Character R
57 Mobile Command Base Ground U
24 Millennium Falcon (C) Space R
23 Millennium Falcon (B) Space R
22 Millennium Falcon (A) Space R
88 Malfunction Battle C
21 Luke's X-wing (B) Space R
56 Luke's Speeder (B) Ground U
20 Luke's Skyhopper (A) Ground R
76 Luke Skywalker (G) Character C
55 Luke Skywalker (F) Character U
19 Luke Skywalker (E) Character R
18 Lieutenant Shann Childsen (A) Character R
54 Let the Wookiee Win Battle U
53 Labria (A) Character U
86 Juggernaut Ground U
17 Jek Porkins (A) Character R
52 Jawa Scavenger Character U
85 Jawa Salvage Team Ground C
51 Jawa Crawler Ground U
50 Interrogation Droid Character U
84 Imperial Landing Craft Space C
49 Imperial Dewback Ground U
16 Hero's Potential Battle R
48 Heavy Fire Zone Battle U
83 Han's Evasion Battle C
82 Han Solo (D) Character C
47 Han Solo (C) Character U
14 Han Solo (B) Character R
15 Han Solo (A) Character R
81 Greedo's Marksmanship Battle C
46 Grand Moff Tarkin (C) Character U
45 Grand Moff Tarkin (B) Character U
13 Grand Moff Tarkin (A) Character R
12 Garven Dreis (A) Character R
80 Escape Pod Space C
79 Dewback Patrol Ground C
44 Deflectors Activated Mission U
78 Death Star Turbolaser Tower Ground C
43 Death Star Trooper Character U
11 Death Star (C) Space R
42 Death Star (B) Space U
10 Death Star (A) Space R
77 Darth Vader (F) Character C
41 Darth Vader (E) Character U
9 Darth Vader (D) Character R
75 Creature Attack Mission C
40 Countermeasures Battle U
74 Corellian Corvette Space C
39 Commander Willard (A) Character U
8 Colonel Wullf Yularen (A) Character R
7 Chief Bast (A) Character R
73 Chewbacca (D) Character C
38 Chewbacca (C) Character U
5 Chewbacca (B) Character R
6 Chewbacca (A) Character R
4 Chariot Light Assault Vehicle Ground R
3 Celebrate the Victory Mission R
37 C-3PO (D) Character U
2 Blow This Thing Battle R
72 Blast It! Battle C
1 Artoo's Repairs Battle R
36 Alien Rage Battle U
71 Accelerate Battle C
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