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Empire Strikes Back Spoiler List

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Number Name Type Rarity
70 Zev Senesca (A) Character R
210 Y-wing Gold Six Space C
69 Yoda's Training Mission R
139 Yoda's Hut Location U
68 Yoda (H) Character R
67 Yoda (G) Character R
66 Yoda (F) Character R
209 X-wing Rogue Seven Space C
208 Well-Earned Meal Mission C
65 Wedge's Snowspeeder (A) Ground R
64 Wedge Antilles (B) Character R
63 Wampa Cave Location R
138 Wampa Ground U
207 Visions of the Future Battle C
137 Vicious Attack Battle U
158 Vader's Vengeance Battle C
62 Vader's Imperial Shuttle (A) Space R
136 Vader's Call Mission U
206 Trust Her Instincts Battle C
61 Toryn Farr (A) Character R
135 Torture Room Location U
205 TIE Pursuit Squad Space C
134 TIE Pursuit Pilot Character U
204 TIE Fighter OS-72-8 Space C
203 TIE Fighter EX-4-9 Space C
133 TIE Bomber Squad Space U
132 TIE Bomber Pilot Character U
202 TIE Bomber EX-1-8 Space C
201 TIE Bomber EX-1-2 Space C
200 Tauntaun Mount Ground C
199 Tauntaun Ground C
198 Swamps of Dagobah Location C
131 Surprise Reinforcements Battle U
60 Streets of Cloud City Location R
197 Strange Lodgings Battle C
59 Stormtrooper Swarm Battle R
130 Stormtrooper Sentry Character U
146 Space Slug Space C
194 Snowtrooper Squad Ground C
193 Snowtrooper Heavy Weapons Team Ground C
195 Snowtrooper Guard Character C
129 Snowtrooper Elite Squad Ground U
192 Snowstorm Battle C
128 Snowspeeder Squad Ground U
191 Snowspeeder Rogue Two Ground C
127 Snowspeeder Rogue Ten Ground U
126 Shield Generator Ground U
125 Self Destruct Battle U
124 See You In Hell Battle U
58 Search for the Rebels Mission R
57 Sacrifice Battle R
123 Redemption (A) Space U
122 Rebel Troop Cart Ground U
121 Rebel Trenches Location U
188 Rebel Trench Defenders Ground C
120 Rebel Hoth Army Ground U
187 Rebel Hangar Location C
119 Rebel Fleet Space U
186 Rebel Escape Squad Space C
185 Rebel Command Center Location C
189 Rebel Assault Frigate Space C
56 Rally the Defenders Mission R
55 R2-D2's Heroism Battle R
54 R2-D2 (G) Character R
118 R2-D2 (F) Character U
99 Quicker Easier More Seductive Mission U
53 Quest for Truth Mission R
117 Probot Character U
184 Probe the Galaxy Mission C
116 Probe Droid Space U
115 Princess Leia (H) Character U
52 Princess Leia (G) Character R
183 Princess Leia (F) Character C
148 Precise Attack Battle C
51 Planetary Ion Cannon Ground R
50 Parting of Heroes Mission R
114 Painful Reckoning Battle U
74 Outmaneuver Them Battleb U
49 Occupation Battle R
48 Obi-Wan's Spirit (A) Character R
182 Navy Trooper Character C
113 Mynock Space U
47 Millennium Falcon (G) Space R
46 Millennium Falcon (F) Space R
45 Millennium Falcon (E) Space R
112 Millennium Falcon (D) Space U
181 Meditation Chamber Location C
111 Medical Center Location U
44 Mara Jade (A) Character R
43 Major Bren Derlin (A) Character R
42 Luke's X-wing (c) Space R
41 Luke's Wrath Battle R
40 Luke's Snowspeeder (A) Ground R
39 Luke Skywalker (K) Character R
38 Luke Skywalker (J) Character R
110 Luke Skywalker (I) Character U
180 Luke Skywalker (H) Character C
37 Lobot (A) Character R
36 Lieutenant Wes Janson (A) Character R
109 Leia's Warning Battle U
179 Leap into the Chasm Mission C
178 Lando's Repairs Mission C
35 Lando Calrissian (D) Character R
108 Lando Calrissian (C) Character U
177 Lando Calrissian (B) Character C
34 Lando Calrissian (A) Character R
107 Lambda-Class Shuttle Space U
176 Kuat Nebulon-B Frigate Space C
175 Kuat Lancer-Class Frigate Space C
33 Kiss From Your Sister Battle R
32 K-3PO (A) Character R
106 Jungles of Dagobah Location U
31 Jedi's Failure Battle R
174 Jedi Trap Mission C
30 Jedi Test Mission R
173 Jedi Master's Meditation Mission C
105 Imperial Misdirection Battle U
172 Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Space C
196 Imperial II Star Destroyer Space C
104 Imperial Fleet Space U
171 Hoth System Location C
103 Hoth Icefields Location U
170 Hoth Battle Plains Location C
169 Hope of Another Mission C
167 Han's Promise Mission C
166 Han's Attack Battle U
168 Hanging Around Battle C
29 Han Solo (G) Character R
102 Han Solo (F) Character U
165 Han Solo (E) Character C
101 Han Enchained Mission U
164 Ground Assault Mission C
28 Go for the Legs Battle R
27 General Maximilian Veers (B) Character R
100 General Maximilian Veers (A) Character U
26 General Carlist Rieekan (A) Character R
163 Gallofree Medium Transport Space C
25 FX-7 Medical Droid (A) Character R
24 Future Sight Mission R
162 Force Throw Battle C
161 Float Away Battle C
23 Failed for the Last Time Mission R
160 Explore the Swamps Mission C
98 Executor Hangar Location U
97 Executor Bridge Location U
22 Executor (A) Space R
21 Emperor's Prize Battle R
20 Emperor's Bidding Mission R
95 Emergency Repairs Battle U
19 Echo Base Ground R
190 Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Space C
94 Dragonsnake Ground U
93 Don't Get All Mushy Battle U
18 Desperate Times Battle R
92 Derek Hobbie Klivian (A) Character U
17 Decoy Tactics Battle R
91 Death Mark Mission U
90 Darth Vader (K) Character U
157 Darth Vader (J) Character C
16 Darth Vader (I) Character R
15 Darth Vader (H) Character R
89 Darth Vader (G) Character R
14 Dark Cave Location R
13 Dangerous Gamble Mission R
159 Dagobah System Location C
12 Dack Ralter (A) Character R
82 Cloud City Prison Location U
81 Cloud City Penthouse Location U
152 Cloud City Landing Platform Location C
151 Cloud City Dining Hall Location C
150 Cloud City Battleground Location C
156 Close the Shield Doors Battle C
11 Chewbacca (G) Character R
88 Chewbacca (F) Character R
10 Chewbacca (E) Character U
87 Change in Destiny Battle U
9 Carbon Freezing Chamber Location R
96 Carbon Freeze Mission U
8 Captain Lorth Needa (A) Character R
86 C-3PO (F) Character U
7 C-3PO (E) Character R
85 Bright Hope (A) Space U
155 Bogwing Ground C
84 Blockade Mission U
6 Blizzard One (A) Ground R
5 Blizzard Force Snowtrooper Character R
79 Blizzard Force AT-ST Ground U
147 Blizzard Force AT-AT Ground C
154 Blizzard Battle C
83 Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car Ground U
153 Bespin System Location C
149 Belly of the Beast Location C
80 Battle the Wampa Battle U
4 Avenger (A) Space R
78 AT-AT Driver Character U
3 AT-AT Assault Group Ground R
77 Asteroid Field Location U
145 Armor Plating Battle C
144 Antivehicle Laser Cannon Ground C
76 Anti-Infantry Laser Battery Character U
143 Alter the Deal Mission C
75 All Terrain Troop Transport Ground U
142 All Terrain Scout Transport Ground C
141 All Terrain Armored Transport Ground C
73 Admiral Kendal Ozzel (A) Character U
2 Admiral Firmus Piett (B) Character R
72 Admiral Firmus Piett (A) Character U
140 725 to 1 Battle C
71 3,720 to 1 Battle U
1 2-1B Medical Droid (A) Character R
210 results.