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Number Name Type Rarity
105 Synchronized Systems Battle C
104 Shaak Ground C
103 Separatist Battle Droid Character C
102 Scurrier Character C
101 Sabaoth Starfighter Space C
100 Republic Hyperdrive Ring Space C
99 Republic Light Assault Cruiser Space C
98 Republic Attack Gunship Ground C
97 Republic Assault Transport Space C
96 Plan for the Future Mission C
95 Obi-Wan's Maneuver Battle C
94 Jedi Starfighter Squadron Space C
93 Gunship Offensive Battle C
92 Gondola Speeder Ground C
91 Geonosian Fighter Escort Space C
90 Forward Command Center Ground C
89 Trade Federation Droid Bomber Space C
88 Droid Starfighter Assault Wing Space C
87 Droid Deactivation Space C
86 Diplomatic Barge Space C
85 Destroyer Droid Team Ground U
84 Darth Tyranus (G) Character C
83 Close Pursuit Battle C
82 Clone Fire Team Ground C
81 Captured Reek Ground C
80 Mobile Artillery Division Ground C
79 Anakin Skywalker (I) Character C
78 Zam Wesell (C) Character U
77 Yoda (E) Character U
76 Tyranus's Solar Sailer (B) Space U
75 Tyranus's Return Mission U
74 Train For War Mission U
73 Tame the Beast Mission U
72 Tactical leadership Battle U
71 Sun-Fac (B) Character U
70 RIC-920 Character U
69 Republic Communications Tower Ground U
68 Qui-Gon Jinn (B) Character U
67 Protocol Battle Droid (A) Character U
66 Underworld Investigations Mission C
65 Padme's Yacht (B) Space U
64 Orray Ground U
63 Obi-Wan Kenobi (J) Character U
62 Neimoidian Shuttle (A) Space U
61 Lightsaber Loss Battle U
60 Lightsaber Gift Mission U
59 Jedi Superiority Mission U
58 Jedi Knight's Survival Battle U
57 Jedi Training Exercise Mission U
56 Jedi Arrogance Mission U
55 Jango Fett (F) Character U
54 FA-4 (A) Character U
53 Executioner Cart Ground U
52 Depa Billaba (A) Character U
51 Coruscant Air Bus Ground U
50 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid Ground U
49 Coleman Trebor (A) Character U
48 Clone Cadet Character U
47 Tyranus's Power Battle C
46 Call for Reinforcements Mission U
45 Battle Protocol Droid (A) Character U
44 Battle Droid Division Ground U
43 Zam's Airspeeder (B) Ground R
42 Zam Wesell (D) Character R
41 Yoda (D) Character R
40 Unified Attack Battle U
38 Trade Federation Core Ship Ground C
37 Tipoca Training Ground Ground R
36 Rapid Recovery Battle R
35 Trade Federation Blockade Ship Space C
34 Slave I (C) Space R
33 Shmi Skywalker (A) Character R
32 Shaak Ti (B) Character R
31 Senator Tikkes (A) Character R
30 Saesee Tiin (A) Character R
29 Remember the Prophecy Mission R
28 R2-D2 (E) Character R
27 Plo Koon (B) Character R
26 Padme Amidala (F) Character R
25 Oppo Rancisis (A) Character R
24 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B) Space R
23 Obi-Wan Kenobi (I) Character R
22 Trade Federation Battle Freighter Space C
21 Mace Windu (D) Character R
20 Kouhun Character R
19 Ki-Adi-Mundi (A) Character R
18 Jedi Youngling Character R
17 Jedi Council Quorum Mission R
15 Homing Missile Mission R
14 Guidance of the Chancellor Mission c
13 Gather the Council Mission R
12 Furious Charge Battle C
11 Even Piell (A) Character R
10 Eeth Koth (A) Character R
9 Darth Tyranus (F) Character R
8 Darth Sidious (C) Character R
7 Darth Maul (E) Character R
6 Dark Dreams Battle R
5 Coup de Grace Battle U
4 Boba Fett (B) Character R
3 Aurra Sing (B) Character R
2 Anakin Skywalker (H) Character R
1 Adi Gallia (A) Character R
16 * Jango Fett (G) Character R
39 * Tyranus's Geonosis Speeder (B) Ground C
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