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Number Name Type Rarity
97 Zutton (A) Character C
35 Zuckuss (A) Character R
34 Yoda's Lesson Battle R
33 Yoda (I) Character R
105 X Wing Escort Space C
32 Virago (A) Space R
68 Vendetta Battle U
104 Unmodified Snowspeeder Ground C
67 Ugnaught Character U
103 Tusken Warrior Character C
31 Trash Compactor Location-Character R
102 Tie Fighter Space C
101 Tatooine Desert Location-Ground C
30 Take A Prisoner Mission R
100 Streets Of Tatooine Location-Ground C
99 Stormtrooper Detachment Ground C
29 Stinger (A) Space R
98 Star Destroyer {RaS} Space C
65 Space Slug {RaS} Space U
96 Small Asteroid Space C
95 Sleen Character C
28 Slave 1 (F) Space R
63 Slave 1 (E) Space U
64 Slave 1 (D) Space U
61 Redoubled Effort Battle U
60 R2-D2 (H) Character U
59 Punishing One (A) Space U
27 Princess Leia (I) Character R
26 Prince Xizor (A) Character R
58 Ponda Baba (A) Character U
66 Outrider (A) Space U
94 Ord Mantell System Location-Space C
93 No Good To Me Dead Battle C
92 Muftak Character C
91 Mos Eisley Cantina Location-Character C
90 Mos Eisley Location-Ground C
25 Modal Nodes (A) Ground R
24 Mist Hunter (A) Space R
23 Millennium Falcon (I) Space R
57 Millennium Falcon (H) Space U
89 Medium Asteroid Space C
22 Mara Jade (B) Character R
56 Luke's X-wing (D) Space U
88 Luke's Vow Battle C
87 Luke's Garage Location-Character C
55 Luke Skywalker (L) Character U
21 Lobot (B) Character R
86 Leebo (A) Character C
70 Lars Homestead Location-Character U
54 Lando's Trickery Battle U
20 Lando's Influence Battle R
85 Lando System? Mission C
19 Lando Calrissian (G) Character R
18 Lando Calrissian (F) Character R
53 Lando Calrissian (E) Character U
84 Kyle Katarn (A) Character C
52 Kessel System Location-Space U
83 Kabe (A) Character C
82 Jabba's Death Mark Mission C
16 IG-88 (A) Character R
15 IG-2000 (A) Space R
51 Human Shield Battle U
14 Hounds Tooth (A) Space R
50 Holoprojection Chamber Location-Character U
13 Het Nkik (A) Character R
49 Han's Sacrifice Battle U
12 Han Solo (I) Character R
48 Han Solo (H) Character U
11 Guri (A) Character R
47 Greedo (B) Character U
46 Garindan (A) Character U
81 Falcon's Needs Mission C
69 Enraged Wampa Ground U
62 E-3P0 (A) Character U
17 Dune Sea Krayt Dragon Ground R
10 Doctor Evazan (A) Character R
80 Disrupting Strike Battle C
9 Dengar (A) Character R
45 Death Star Control Room Location-Character U
79 Dash Rendar (A) Character C
44 Darth Vader (M) Character U
78 Darth Vader (L) Character C
8 Dark Sacrifice Battle R
7 Dantooine System Location- Space R
6 Commander Nemet (A) Character R
43 Cloud City Wing Guard Ground U
5 Chewbacca (I) Character R
42 Chewbacca (H) Character U
4 Call For Hunters Mission R
41 C 3PO (G) Character U
3 Bossk (A) Character R
2 Boba Fett (G) Character R
40 Boba Fett (F) Character U
77 Boba Fett (E) Character C
76 Boba Fett (D) Character C
75 Boba Fett (C) Character C
39 Big Asteroid Space U
74 Bespin Patrol Cloud Car Ground C
38 Bespin Cloud Car Squad Ground U
73 Base Guards Ground C
72 Bantha Herd Ground C
37 AT-AT Ground U
1 Admiral Firmus Piett (C) Character R
36 4 Lom (A) Character U
71 2-1B's Touch Mission C
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