Official Rulings
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Q: If my opponent starts 4 Showdowns, and I win all 4, do I win the game?
A: No. Only Showdowns that you start count toward your winning the game.

Q: Do I get my opponent’s Shen Gong Wu if I win a Showdown he started?
A: No, it just gets discarded. You only get the Shen Gong Wu if you win a Showdown that you started.

Q: Fist of Tebigong says “If you win this Showdown, choose a tapped Shen Gong Wu with a Skill Needed of 2 or less in your opponent’s Vault and discard it.” I tapped it to use it in a Showdown and then pressed a Villain. My Villain won. Does the effect from Fist of Tebigong happen?
A: No. You didn’t win the Showdown—the Villain did.

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