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Q: Can I start a Showdown for a Shen Gong Wu with a Skill Needed of 8 even if I only have 5 cards in my Warrior Training Area? If I win, do I get to put the Shen Gong Wu into my Vault?
A: Yes, and yes. But you won’t be able to use that Shen Gong Wu in any Showdowns until you have at least 8 cards in your Warrior Training Area. Also, any special ability text on the Shen Gong Wu won’t have any effect until you have 8 cards in your Training Area.

Q: Can I play a Shen Gong Wu from my hand into my Vault if it has a Skill Needed of 8 and I have only 5 cards in my Warrior Training Area?
A: No.

Q: If I press a card, and the Skill Needed is too high, it has no effect. Can I play a Boost from my hand that has a Skill Needed that’s too high, and have it do nothing?
A: Why would you want to do that? You’re just trying to make trouble, aren’t you? Well, okay, you can if you want. (Maybe you’ll trick your opponent!)

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