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Title Category Date Issue # Author
It Was a Dark and Stormy Campaign ... Ampersand 03/15/11 397 Bill Slavicsek
Racial Ability Bonuses Features 03/14/11 397 R&D Staff
Letters to the Editor Editorial 03/10/11 397
D&D on the Small Screen D&D Alumni 03/04/11 397 Bart Carroll
Little Wars Editorial 03/03/11 397 Steve Winter
Dragon 398 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 04/29/11
Channel Divinity: Avandra Subscriber Only Content Channel Divinity 04/28/11 398 Craig Campbell
Player Haters Confessions... 04/28/11 398 Shelly Mazzanoble
Rituals Index Subscriber Only Content Features 04/26/11 398 Compiled by Chris Sims
Ki Focuses Subscriber Only Content Bazaar of the Bizarre 04/22/11 398 Rodney Thompson
Poetry and the Sound of Falling Rain Fiction 04/22/11 398 Ken Scholes
Sarthel, City of Silver Subscriber Only Content Nerathi Legends 04/21/11 398 Richard Baker
Strange Gods Subscriber Only Content Features 04/20/11 398 Ken Hart
The Fighter (Weaponmaster) Features 04/19/11 398
Feats Features 04/19/11 398
Gamblers' Games Subscriber Only Content Features 04/18/11 398 Steve Winter
Hybrids D&D Alumni 04/15/11 398 Bart Carroll
All Together Now Editorial 04/12/11 398 Steve Winter
Appendix N D&D Alumni 04/19/10 398 Gary Gygax
The Cleric (Templar) Features 06/21/11 399
Combat Velocity Subscriber Only Content Features 05/31/11 399 Matt Sernett
Dragon 399 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 05/31/11
Heroes for Hire Subscriber Only Content Features 05/27/11 399 Richard Baker
Heroes of Virtue Subscriber Only Content Features 05/20/11 399 Richard Baker
Class Acting Confessions... 05/19/11 399 Shelly Mazzanoble
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