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Title Category Date Issue # Author
The Core of D&D Legends & Lore 06/21/11 Mike Mearls
The Coup de Grace Editorial 06/06/08 155 Chris Youngs
The Covenant of the Arcs The Dungeon Master Experience 09/29/11 Chris Perkins
The Crafthouse of Inspiration Subscriber Only Content Adventures 09/07/11 194 Doug Hyatt
The Crawling Fane Subscriber Only Content Adventures 05/25/10 178 Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
The Critical Hit Cartoons 07/08/11 Scott Taylor and Jeff Laubenstein
The Crossroads Subscriber Only Content Adventures 03/02/10 176 Rodney Thompson
The Crown of Whispers Subscriber Only Content Eye on Dark Sun 07/17/12 413 Rodney Thompson
The D&D KRE-Os are coming! News 07/17/13
The D&D World Subscriber Only Content Dungeoncraft 10/26/09 171 James Wyatt, Andy Collins, and Chris Perkins
The d20 Lollipop News 03/21/12
The Dastardly Duo The Dungeon Master Experience 04/07/11 Chris Perkins
The Deck of Many Things Subscriber Only Content Features 04/23/10 177 Rodney Thompson
The Den of Dreus Subscriber Only Content Adventures 06/04/10 179 Logan Bonner
The Despair Deck Design & Development 05/11/11 Greg Bilsland
The Deva Subscriber Only Content Design & Development 03/16/09 373 James Wyatt
The Devil Made Me Do It Dragon's-Eye View 11/14/12 Jon Schindehette
The DMG2 Cartoons 09/23/09
The Down & Under Adventurer Confessions... 02/15/08 362 Shelly Mazzanoble
The Dracohar Subscriber Only Content Eye on the Realms 09/15/10 182 Ed Greenwood
The Dragon's Altar Subscriber Only Content Features 07/22/10 180 Rodney Thompson
The Dream of Empire Forging The Realms 08/15/13 Ed Greenwood
The Dreamheart Subscriber Only Content Features 09/15/10 182 Bruce R. Cordell
The Duelist Rogue Subscriber Only Content Class Acts 11/06/09 381 Mike Mearls
The Dungeon Master Experience 2011 Compilation The Dungeon Master Experience 12/29/11 Chris Perkins
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