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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Low-Level Characters in D&D Next Legends & Lore 01/13/14 Mike Mearls
Looking at the Past and the Future Legends & Lore 01/16/12 Monte Cook
Live Together, Die Alone Legends & Lore 10/11/11 Monte Cook
Legends and Lore 2011 Compilation Legends & Lore 12/27/11 Monte Cook and Mike Mearls
It's a Wrap! Legends & Lore 01/06/14 Mike Mearls
It’s Mathemagical! Legends & Lore 07/29/13 Mike Mearls
Hit Points, Our Old Friend Legends & Lore 05/21/12 Mike Mearls
Hit My Points Legends & Lore 06/03/13 Mike Mearls
High-Level Play Legends & Lore 11/05/12 Mike Mearls
Here Comes . . . the Monk! Legends & Lore 11/13/12 Mike Mearls
Head of the Class Legends & Lore 07/12/11 Mike Mearls
Good Fences Make Good Players Legends & Lore 09/13/11 Mike Mearls
Getting the Most Out of the Rules Legends & Lore 11/01/11 Monte Cook
Getting Started Legends & Lore 06/09/14 Mike Mearls
Gen Con Bound! Legends & Lore 08/12/13 Mike Mearls
Gazing into the Crystal Ball Legends & Lore 05/29/14 Mike Mearls
Fighters vs. Wizards Legends & Lore 04/12/11 Mike Mearls
Fighters & Combat Superiority Legends & Lore 07/30/12 Mike Mearls
Fighter Maneuvers Legends & Lore 04/01/14 Mike Mearls
Fighter Design Goals Legends & Lore 04/30/12 Mike Mearls
Feats of Game Design Legends & Lore 07/21/14 Mike Mearls
Expertise Dice Legends & Lore 11/19/12 Mike Mearls
Experience Points and Levels Legends & Lore 02/17/14 Mike Mearls
Evolution of the Thief Legends & Lore 05/24/11 Mike Mearls
Evolution and D&D Legends & Lore 04/19/11 Mike Mearls
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