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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Design Finesse—Part 2 Legends & Lore 12/02/13 Mike Mearls
Design Finesse—Part 1 Legends & Lore 11/25/13 Mike Mearls
Depictions Dragon's-Eye View 05/23/12 Jon Schindehette
Denizens Excerpts 04/24/12 Bart Carroll
Demons, Beholders, and Other Things ... Subscriber Only Content Ampersand 04/05/10 386 Bill Slavicsek
Demonic Cults Wandering Monsters 05/14/13 James Wyatt
Demogorgon D&D Alumni 05/22/09 375 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Demigenius The Dungeon Master Experience 05/24/12 Chris Perkins
Delving Into Dungeon Delve Subscriber Only Content Features 02/20/09 372 Matthew Sernett
Defining Our Terms Wandering Monsters 04/09/13 James Wyatt
Defenders Subscriber Only Content Features 11/02/09 381 Matthew Sernett
December Rules Updates Design & Development 01/11/12 Jeremy Crawford
Debut: The Monk Subscriber Only Content Features 11/17/09 381 Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, and Robert J. Schwalb
Debut: Skill Powers Subscriber Only Content Features 09/01/09 379 Mike Mearls and Robert J. Schwalb
Debut: Player's Handbook 3, The Psion Subscriber Only Content Features 07/07/09 377 Bruce R. Cordell
Debut: Player's Handbook 3, Githzerai Subscriber Only Content Features 08/04/09 378 Robert J. Schwalb
Debut and Exclusive Content Subscriber Only Content Ampersand 06/01/09 376 Bill Slavicsek
Death-Defying D&D The Dungeon Master Experience 10/04/12 Chris Perkins
Death Matters Design & Development 10/10/08 368 Rob Heinsoo and James Wyatt
Death and Dying in D&D Legends & Lore 05/10/11 Mike Mearls
Death and Dying Design & Development 02/01/08 362 Andy Collins
Deal Damage Forever Excerpts 04/23/10
Dead Gods Subscriber Only Content Features 08/19/10 390 Pierre van Rooden
De Planes, De Planes! Editorial 08/01/12 414 Christopher Perkins
Dave Arneson D&D Alumni 04/24/09 374 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
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