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Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms won the Silver ENnie (Best Art, Interior) at this year's Gen Con! Our congratulations to all other winners and nominees. To help celebrate the award, we'd like to present the art gallery from the book.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior creative art director for this project, plus art director Kate Irwin, and artists Ed Greenwood, Eric Belisle, Julie Dillon, Rick Drennan, Wayne England, Randy Gallegos, Ralph Horsley, Tyler Jacobson, Michael Komarck, Howard Lyon, Patrick McEvoy, William O’Connor, Lorraine Schleter, Mark Tedin, Beth Trott.

A 160-page hardcover book, Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms describes the campaign setting as it lives and breathes in the imagination of its creator. Through the alter ego of Elminster, Archmage of Shadowdale, Ed Greenwood presents the Realms as a setting where companies of crazed adventurers are born and have rich lives, and where they get to call the shots.

In this book, Ed presents a world where friendships are forged, endless intrigues unfold, and heroes wage war against the monstrous inhabitants of famous dungeons and untamed wildernesses.

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