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2009 Spin a Yarn
Night of the Dread Pudding
Ed Greenwood

With Thanks To Everyone Who Attended the GenCon 2009 Spin A Yarn

Esteemed Sage of Shadowdale
Elminster’s Tower

From Mhair Szeltune
Lady Master of the Watchful Order of Magists
& Protectors of Waterdeep

My Old and Dear Friend Elminster,

We have an unfolding problem here, involving mutable, dangerous, and magical puddings. “Butterscotch,” I’m told, though I know not that term. Edible table concoctions rather than the monsters sometimes known as puddings.

It seems these desserts confer a curse on those who partake of them that encourages wild behavior, laxity of memory, and muddled reasoning—in short, burgeoning incompetence. There are even claims that some of the puddings have spoken aloud.

Yes, I’m implying pudding sentience. With all of its sinister implications.

I assure you that this is less hilarious here, where it’s happening, than it no doubt seems to you, safely in Shadowdale.

Though it pains me to do so, I hereby invoke the promise of prompt and sufficient aid you once gave Kitten.

Trusting you will rise to the challenge, I remain your obedient servant in matters involving availability of the Art for all, free from barriers.

(Or as you once called me, “Little Miss Punishment-Richly-Deserved.” No, Old Mage, I haven’t forgotten.)

And so begins the letter prefacing last year’s one-of-a-kind storytelling event: Spin a Yarn, with Ed Greenwood! We hope you can attend this year’s Spin a Yarn, scheduled to take place at Gen Con Indy on Friday, August 6th between 2-4PM. You can find additional information on our Gen Con page—and we look forward to seeing you there!

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About the Author

ED GREENWOOD is the creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and many of its best-known characters, including Elminster, Larloch, Manshoon, and Szass Tam. Driven by the lifelong urge to get to know fascinating characters better and find out "what happened next?" to them, he pens tales of their further exploits whenever he gets the chance—and this particular story is one he’s wanted to write for a long time. His most recent Forgotten Realms novel for Wizards of the Coast is The Sword Never Sleeps, the final book in the Knights of Myth Drannor trilogy. Elminster Must Die! begins a new series about the famous—or infamous—Sage of Shadowdale.

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