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The Cavalier: Ongoing Missions and Daily Duties
Appendix d12
By Jason Sholtis

With the release of the premium edition of AD&D's Unearthed Arcana, we take a look back at the classes presented in the book—the barbarian, cavalier, and split-class thief-acrobat!

To help DMs add further detail to their adventures, Jason Sholtis (of The Dungeon Dozen) has provided the following tables—in the spirit of the 1st Edition DMG’s appendices, charts, and random encounters!

The Cavalier: Ongoing Missions and Daily Duties

Whether dedicated to nation, deity or personal honor, the cavalier must live by rigid adherence to an often elaborate code of ethics and behavior. Roll on the table below to add some role-playing interest with possible in-game complications to your cavalier PCs and NPCs.


  1. One must feed the righteous hungry, and if by doing so one starves the wicked, justice is done.

  2. Demonstrate kindness (whether judgment dictates it be gentle or rough) to the unclean at least once per day.

  3. While performing one’s other duties, the cavalier must proselytize to the unenlightened, meditating frequently to supply new and improved arguments.

  4. Symbolically take on the suffering of others by means of esoteric ritual chant that offers no in-game benefits whatsoever.

  5. Redress any social ills discovered using the preternatural confidence provided by absolute certainty in moral code.

  6. Smash evil: when detected, evil must be combated even by proxy, special arrangement or appointment should equally pressing matters already be at hand.

  7. Anoint the unwashed: a continuous supply of costly holy unguents must be maintained and liberally distributed, especially to comrades.

  8. Punish the guilty: the cavalier must mete out righteous justice when other means are unavailable; on extended forays into the underworld or lawless wilderness the cavalier assumes the mantle of ultimate arbiter.

  9. Forgive trespassers: once daily, the cavalier shall dismiss charges against an evil-doer, commanding the lucky recipient of mercy to begin anew (this dispensation not available to creatures demonstrably born of evil).

  10. Hunt down chaos: weird abominations and perversions of nature shall be destroyed to the exclusion of other aims and interests when witnessed or reported to the cavalier.

  11. Bring civilization to the untamed: offer learning to the ignorant; merciful death to the unwilling, uninterested or uneducable.

  12. Daily blood sacrifice: small measure of the cavalier’s own blood must be spilled to ensure continual sanctification and as absolution for impurity in thought and deed.

About the Author

Jason Sholtis serves humanity by day as a humble social services worker but keeps evenings free for self-indulgences such as writing, drawing and playing in rock bands. D&D occupies a special place in his heart. His semi-daily blog The Dungeon Dozen focuses exclusively on random tables for the twelve-sided die.

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