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Rulebook: Lords of Waterdeep

Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors!

In Lords of Waterdeep, you are one of the secret rulers of this great city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to complete quests and advance your agendas. The Lords all have the safety of their city at heart, but each one is also laying his or her own plans!

Available now on iOS, players can enjoy their Lords of Waterdeep game sessions against the computer, friends or the online community through Playdek's real-time and asynchronous game servers. Through backdoor dealings, mercenaries, and plain old bribery, can you guide the city to become the greatest Lord of Waterdeep?

How to Play

We’ve provided the full downloadable rulebook, in order for you to get a sense of how this game plays out.

Of special concern are the Lord cards. The city of Waterdeep is secretly administered by powerful individuals known as the Lords of Waterdeep. Eleven Lord of Waterdeep cards represent these hidden personalities. Each Lord card grants bonus VP for meeting certain conditions, as described in its rules text.

But who are these Lords? In today’s article, we examine two of these central figures—especially famous for their careers in the Undermountain.

(10 Mbs PDF)

Lords of Waterdeep

The Lords of Waterdeep form a secret council that has ruled the city of Waterdeep for centuries. In public, they are always masked and cloaked to disguise any details that could identify them. They are drawn from all elements of society: merchants, nobles, wizards, and common laborers.

In the Lords of Waterdeep game, these secret masters are represented by cards. The Lords’ identities are kept hidden until the end of the game, when final scoring occurs. Each Lord of Waterdeep has a personal agenda, represented by bonus VP awarded for completing specific objectives.

Mirt the Moneylender

Also known as Mirt the Merciless and the Old Wolf, Mirt’s fortified mansion sits on the southern flank of Mount Waterdeep above Smuggler’s Dock.

A fat, wheezing old rogue, Mirt the Moneylender made his fortune in Undermountain after a colorful career as a mercenary general. As Mirt the Moneylender or the Old Wolf, Mirt made many enemies, particularly in skirmishes in Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan. He also made a few good friends, notably the adventurer Durnan.

More than one foe underestimates Mirt’s agility and stealth because they see only his public act as a roaring, tipsy braggart. However, only a stranger to Waterdeep underestimates Mirt’s cunning and his shrewd judgments of people. These qualities have made him far richer as an investor in business ventures than he ever became as a hiresword or treasure-gathering adventurer.

Mirt has a heart of gold under his boasting and love of horseplay and tavern brawling. He wants to leave Faerun better than he found it, and the long tales of his adventurers would seem to indicate that he just might do so.

At the end of the game, you score (4) for each Commerce quest and each Piety quest you completed.

Durnan the Wanderer

Durnan is a gruff, burly, russet-haired man, close-mouthed and prudent. He hates unfairness and injustice, but is tolerant of the differing interests of others—at least until they unsheathe a weapon in his inn, whereupon he draws his longsword on the spot.

Durnan is a retired fighter born in the remote North who spent his youth wandering the Savage Frontier, battling monsters and their ilk. He is an old friend of Mirt the Moneylender, and the duo were the first in modern times to explore Undermountain, emerging as rich men. While Mirt used his share of their plunder to purchase his mansion on the southern slopes of Mount Waterdeep, Durnan built an inn, The Yawning Portal, over the ruins of Halaster’s long-vanished tower and now dwells there with his wife, Mhaere Dryndilstann, and their daughter. As overseer of the primary open route into Undermountain, secret Lord of Waterdeep, Durnan finds himself involved in most events of import to affect the City of Splendors, a role for which he is well suited.

At the end of the game, you score (4) for each Commerce quest and each Warfare quest you completed.

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