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Excerpts: Loudwater NPCs
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide

In today’s Forgotten Realms preview, we present two NPCs from Chapter 1 (Loudwater) of the forthcoming Campaign Guide:

About two thousand people live in and around Loudwater. A few particularly interesting NPCs are presented here. Each has information he or she might impart to the PCs.

Curuvar the Brazen

This middle-aged man looks as though he might have stepped from the pages of an illustrated history of wizards. With a long black beard, a robe stitched with stars and moons, a staff set with a fossilized raven, and a pointed hat, Curuvar would stand out even among other wizards.

Personality Traits: Curuvar is an eccentric wizard who is suspicious of strangers and notoriously close-mouthed. However, once his trust is earned, it becomes clear he is fond of the phrase “by Mystra’s lost spell.”

Favorite Locations: The Green Tankard tavern (area 5).

Motivation: Curuvar seeks information pertaining to the Dire Wood.

Information: Curuvar doesn’t often share what he knows. However, if the PCs press him for information on the Barrow of the Ogre King and the horn totem, he relates to them the directions described under “Barrow of the Ogre King” on page 18. He also relates the following:

“Yes, I did indeed sneak into the barrow. By Mystra’s lost spell, you wouldn’t believe what a dull race goblins are! My wizardry easily incapacitated them. However, I didn’t find what I wanted. I took the horn totem as a souvenir. Tell you what—if you recover the matching skull totem from the barrow, I’ll tell you the truth about the Ogre King.”

If the PCs enter the Barrow of the Ogre King and return with the skull totem, Curuvar is impressed. He doesn’t want the totem; he wanted only to see if the characters were tough enough to survive the dungeon. When they return, he relates the following:

“Your abilities match your ambitions, it seems. By Mystra’s lost spell, it’s been too long since adventurers explored the secrets in this area. Anyhow, listen well—the so-called Ogre King was no mere ogre—it was a being called an oni, an ogrelike beast with mystical powers. This particular oni inhabited the barrow with a specific purpose in mind—it sought to learn about the Dire Wood. Those silly goblins revere the dead oni like it was some sort of demigod. The goblins never realized the oni was using them as fodder for its explorations. Ridiculous creatures, goblins.”

If the characters tackle the Snake Folk of Najara adventure (see page 32) or the Lair of Shadows adventure (see page 28), then Curuvar is sufficiently impressed to tell them what he knows of the Dire Wood. Until the PCs prove themselves, he remains tight-lipped. Like Lady Moonfire, Curuvar is interested in Draigdurroch Tower. See the High Forest adventure location on page 28 for additional information.

Manor House

This grand manor house is a jewel of dwarven craftsmanship. The building includes its own stable, buttery, and servants’ home. The manor appears to be over two hundred years old, and it looks as though it might weather another two hundred.

Built by a dwarf artisan for a self-styled elf lord, this manor house was the seed from which Loudwater grew. The mansion is currently home to a family of half-elves descended from the original lord.

Lady Moonfire: This half-elf warlock is regarded as the head of the town. Her duties include paying the town officials, collecting property taxes, and overseeing the conduct of the rivermaster and his dockhands. However, Lady Moonfire prefers to leave these obligations to others. She is more interested in throwing grand balls and social events to which she can invite rich merchants, caravan captains, well-todo Loudwater citizens, and famous visitors.

Roleplaying Opportunity: If PCs defend the town from the goblin raiders, Lady Moonfire soon hears of it and sends invitations to the PCs. On white cards with inlaid gold script, she entreats them to attend the next grand ball, which is to occur in two days. The invitation indicates that the ball is a costume party, and no one will be admitted without a mask.

If PCs take advantage of this invitation, they have the opportunity to mingle with Loudwater’s important personages and hear stories of trade, travel, and far off places, such as Waterdeep, Amn, and Netheril. Lady Moonfire makes an effort to speak with the characters, especially if at least one PC is a tiefling. Lady Moonfire is attracted to tieflings, and she might court a tiefling character who at any point succeeds on a DC 15 Diplomacy check while around her.

Lady Moonfire has developed a fascination for the High Forest, and she is seeking a band of explorers to accompany and safeguard her on a trip into the woods. See Lady Moonfire’s description on page 17 for more information.

Lady Moonfire

This youthful half-elf favors a black gown sewn with silver thread. Glittering rings decorate her delicate fingers, and a silver amulet hangs regally from her neck.

Personality Traits: Lady Moonfire is given to laughter and light-hearted jest. She is likable, though some of the elderly residents in town regard her as flippant and flighty.

Favorite Locations: The Green Tankard tavern (area 5) and her home (area 16).

Motivation: Lady Moonfire is the town leader, though she has little interest in civic duties. She would like to visit the High Forest because she feels it would be a grand adventure. She is also interested in a tower called Draigdurroch, which lies on the edge of the Dire Wood. According to her research, Draigdurroch once held a small library of arcane tomes. If the PCs decide to visit the tower, see the High Forest adventure on page 28.

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