Excerpts Archive | 12/12/2008
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Excerpts: The Planeshifter
Manual of the Planes

In today’s Manual of the Planes preview, we bring you a new paragon path: the planeshifter, with extensive knowledge of the planes, and an unrivaled ability to find portals and traverse dimensions.

Heroes armed with knowledge of the planes can walk the sylvan vales of the Feywild or visit the lonely trails of the Shadowfell. They can explore elemental realms, where the building blocks of worlds still wait for hands to shape them. Heroes can storm the astral ramparts of the heavens and the hells, challenging gods and devils alike. Epic threats to the mortal world originate from these otherworldly dimensions, and only the mightiest heroes are equipped to face the extent of planar dangers. Despite the hostile environment, though, some heroes come to call the planes home, traveling between unseen dimensions as easily as their world-bound counterparts journey from city to city.

The planes are filled with secret societies, arcane cabals, and individuals who master strange and rare fighting techniques. The paragon paths, rituals, and magic items described herein are ideal for characters native to the planes or characters who frequent the planes often. For example, a warlord interested in the shadow captain paragon path ought to have visited the Shadowfell at some point during his or her adventuring career (perhaps between adventures), or one can assume that he or she found a mentor with extensive knowledge of the plane in question.

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