Excerpts Archive | 12/12/2008
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Excerpts: P2 Demon Queen's Enclave

Warning! The following excerpts from Demon Queen's Enclave are intended for the eyes of your Dungeon Master. If you’ll be participating in this adventure as a player, we advise you to stop reading now... and your Dungeon Master insists you stop reading now!

Treachery, deceit, and vengeance are three pillars of drow society. Dwarves believe that the drow wage war on the people of the surface world only as practice, saving their deepest cruelties for one another. Tieflings have a similar saying: “The only thing worse than being a drow’s foe is being a drow’s ally.” Deep within the earth, in the dark halls of a drow outpost called Phaervorul, the adventurers learn the truth behind these statements.

Demon Queen’s Enclave is an adventure for characters of 14th to 17th level. Following are select excerpts from its adventure books, including the synopsis and a sampling of encounters.

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