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Excerpts: Racial Paragon Paths
Player's Handbook 2

In today’s Player's Handbook 2 preview, we introduce racial paragon paths, including a look at one for humans: the adroit explorer.

Adroit Explorer

"Turn back? Now? But we don’t know what’s on the next floor!"

Prerequisite: Human

The unknown has an inexplicable hold on you. Your greatest ambition is to discover, to unearth, to explore. You are the perfect expression of the human tendency to comb the world in search of knowledge and power, infused with an almost superhuman determination. This determination is central to your nature—a drive that propels you to work harder, fight longer, and strive for more than you should be able to attain through your own merits. You are not satisfied until you have achieved complete victory in your endeavors, and you develop powers to help you achieve your goals. Your will only grows stronger when your back is against the wall, and you fight all the harder, making sure you win the day.

Racial Paragon Paths

Most paragon paths are specific to particular classes. Chapter 1 of the Player's Handbook 2 presents racial paragon paths, which are specific to races included in this book and in the Player’s Handbook. The only prerequisite for any of these paths is that you be a character of the appropriate race. Only a dwarf can be a firstborn of Moradin, for example, and you must be a half-orc to take the bloodfury savage path. A racial paragon path is an exemplar of a race’s defining characteristics. A scion of Arkhosia is not just any dragonborn hero: He or she is one of the finest examples of certain qualities that set dragonborn apart from other races.

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