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Excerpts: Feats
Arcane Power

In today’s Arcane Power preview, we introduce a new suite of feats, showing off those at the heroic tier!


Feats offer a remarkable opportunity to customize your character. These feats focus on arcane activity and providing interesting options for arcane characters.

You must meet a feat's prerequisites, if any, to take the feat. If you ever lose a prerequisite for a feat (for example, if you use the retraining system to replace training in a prerequisite skill with training in a different skill), you can’t use that feat thereafter. A feat that has a class as a prerequisite is available only to members of that class, including characters who have joined the class through a class-specific multiclass feat.

Familiar Feats

Familiar feats give arcane characters the ability to gain a special type of spirit companion that accompanies them as a friend and cohort. Some of these feats have powers associated with them, which follow the feat description. A familiar feat is denoted by "Familiar" in brackets after the name of the feat. The complete rules for familiars and the associated feats are found beginning on page 137 of Arcane Power.

Heroic Tier Feats

Any feat in this list is available to a character of any level who meets the prerequisites. Heroic tier feats and multiclass feats are the only feats you can take if you are 10th level or lower.

Any Arcane Class Prerequisites Benefit
Arcane Fire Int 13, any arcane class Target hit with fire power gains vulnerability to cold
Arcane Fury Half-orc, any arcane class Deal extra furious assault damage to multiple targets
Arcane Implement Proficiency Any arcane class Gain new arcane implement
Arcane Reserves Human, any arcane class +2 to damage with at-will powers when encounter powers are expended
Darkfire Implement Drow, any arcane class Darkfire deals twice implement damage
Draconic Spellcaster Dragonborn, any arcane class +1 to attacks that have same damage type as your breath weapon
Dual Implement Spellcaster Dex 13, any arcane class Add off-hand implement enhancement to damage rolls
Elemental Echo Genasi, any arcane class +1 to attack, +2 to damage after using racial power
Elven Arcane Precision Elf, any arcane class Reroll elven accuracy against all targets of a power
Fanged Magic Longtooth shifter, any arcane class Deal extra damage while longtooth shifting
Magic of the Ages Deva, any arcane class +1 to attack roll with memory of a thousand lifetimes
Magic of the Mists Gnome, any arcane class Retain fade away effect when you attack
Mountain Hammer Spellcasting Goliath, any arcane class Ignore resistances after using stone’s endurance
Nimble Spellcaster Halfling, Dex 13, any arcane class Area arcane powers don’t provoke opportunity attacks
Predatory Magic Razorclaw shifter, any arcane class Shift as free action while razorclaw shifting
Rune-Scribed Soul Dwarf, any arcane class +1 to attacks, bonus to damage after using second wind
Twist the Arcane Fabric Eladrin, any arcane class Fey step an ally out of your power’s area of effect
Wrathful Magic Tiefling, any arcane class Use infernal wrath against missed target

Warlock Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Accursed Accuracy Warlock, Warlock’s Curse Ignore concealment for cursed enemies
Curse of Io’s Blood Dragonborn, warlock, Warlock’s Curse Deal extra damage with curse when bloodied
Cursed Advantage Drow, warlock, Warlock’s Curse Gain combat advantage against cursed enemies
Dooming Action Warlock, Warlock’s Curse Deal curse damage again with action point
Empowering Shadows Warlock, Shadow Walk +1 to damage when you have concealment
Reckless Curse Human, warlock, Warlock’s Curse +1 to attack against cursed creatures
Vengeful Curse Tiefling, warlock, Warlock’s Curse Curse enemy that hits you as immediate reaction
Vestige Adept Warlock, Vestige Pact Change your vestige after pact boon is triggered

Wizard Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Careful Summoner Con 13, wizard Summoned creatures gain +1 to defenses
Destructive Wizardry Dex 13, wizard +2 to damage if you hit two or more creatures
Eladrin Sword Wizardry Dex 13, eladrin, wizard Use longsword as implement with wizard powers
Elemental Empowerment Genasi, wizard Add Strength modifier to damage with keyword powers
Enlarge Spell Wis 13, wizard –2 to damage to increase size of blast or burst
Gnome Phantasmist Gnome, wizard +1 to attack and damage with illusion powers
Phantom Echoes Cha 13, wizard Gain combat advantage against target hit by illusion power
Remembered Wizardry Wis 13, deva, wizard Add additional daily and utility powers to spellbook

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