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Excerpts: EPG Feats
Eberron Player's Guide

In today's Eberron Player's Guide preview, we present new heroic tier feats, including dragonmarked feats.

The Eberron Player's Guide provides both generic feats and feats oriented toward the setting.

Some feats in this section have the "Dragonmark" expression. These feats are associated with Eberron's dragonmarks. A character can have only one such dragonmarked feat. Each nonaberrant dragonmark allows you to master certain rituals as if you had the Ritual Caster feat. To use one of these rituals, you must still acquire the ritual and master it, and your level must still equal or exceed the ritual's level. Your DM can expand the list of rituals as he or she deems appropriate.

Heroic Tier Feats

Name Prerequisites Benefit
Aberrant Mark of Contagion Enemy hit with daily power takes –2 penalty to saving throws against ongoing damage
Aberrant Mark of Madness Enemy hit with daily power takes –2 penalty to Will
Aberrant Mark of Terror Enemy hit with daily power takes a –1 penalty to attack rolls against you
Accurate Magic Weapon Artificer Enhanced weapons or implements gain +2 bonus to next attack roll
Aerenal Arcanist Elf, arcane power source, Aerenal background Learn extra utility spells
Aerenal Half-Life Elf, Aerenal background +1 damage with necrotic power, +1 attack with action point when using a necrotic power
Alchemist You can craft alchemical items of your level or lower
Ancestral Guidance Channel Divinity, must worship Spirits of the Past Use Channel Divinity power ancestral guidance
Arawai's Abundance Channel Divinity, must worship Arawai Use Channel Divinity power Arawai's abundance
Aureon's Instruction Channel Divinity, must worship Aureon Use Channel Divinity power Aureon's instruction
Balinor's Prey Channel Divinity, must worship Balinor Use Channel Divinity power Balinor's prey
Beacon of Dol Arrah Channel Divinity, must worship Dol Arrah Use Channel Divinity power beacon of Dol Arrah
Boldrei's Shelter Channel Divinity, must worship Boldrei Use Channel Divinity power Boldrei's shelter
Component Modification Warforged With warforged resolve power, each component grants you 1 extra temporary hit point
Defensive Minions Artificer +2 to all defenses of summoned creatures
Eldeen Companion Shifter, Beast Mastery class feature Beast companion gains benefit from your shifter racial powers
Forceful Defense Artificer +1 to ally's AC when you hit with force power
Group Mindlink Kalashtar All allies can communicate telepathically
Immutability Improved Warforged Resolve Gain +2 to saving throw when using warforged resolve power
Improved Warforged Resolve Warforged Gain 5 extra temporary hit points with warforged resolve power
Kol Korran's Boon Channel Divinity, must worship Kol Korran Use Channel Divinity power Kol Korran's boon
Light Within Channel Divinity, must worship il-Yannah Use Channel Divinity power light within
Mark of Detection Roll two d20s on Perception checks, sense magic, perform certain rituals
Mark of Finding Shift when enemy who grants combat advantage to you shifts, perform certain rituals
Mark of Handling Gain access to the special abilities of your mount, improve beast companion abilities, perform certain rituals
Mark of Healing Grant saving throw to ally you heal, perform restoration rituals
Mark of Hospitality Enhanced healing powers, perform certain rituals
Mark of Making Create magic items of your level + 2 or lower, perform certain rituals
Mark of Passage Move extra square when shifting or teleporting, perform certain rituals
Mark of Scribing Gain additional languages, +2 to Diplomacy checks, perform certain rituals
Mark of Sentinel Shift before or after using an opportunity attack, perform certain rituals
Mark of Shadow Remain hidden after missed attack, perform certain rituals
Mark of Storm Slide targets with thunder or lightning powers, gain bonus to fly speed, perform certain rituals
Mark of Warding Increase all defense bonuses by 1, enhanced mark penalty, perform certain rituals
Master Crafter Artificer Create magic items of your level + your Intelligence modifier or lower
Master Mixer Artificer Create alchemical items of your level + 3 or lower
Might of Dol Dorn Channel Divinity, must worship Dol Dorn Use Channel Divinity power might of Dol Dorn
Mror Stalwart Dwarf, Mror Holds background +1 attack using axes and hammers before you move
Onatar's Gift Channel Divinity, must worship Onatar Use Channel Divinity power Onatar's gift
Potent Restorables Artificer Targets of healing powers regain 2 extra hit points
Quori Shield Kalashtar Gain resist psychic 5 + one-half level
Shapeshifting Contortionist Doppelganger Escape as a minor action, no penalties for squeezing
Shield of the Silver Flame Channel Divinity, must worship the Silver Flame Use Channel Divinity power shield of the Silver Flame
Shifter's Agility Shifter +5 to Acrobatics and Athletics when using racial power
Sovereign Justice Channel Divinity, must worship the Sovereign Host Use Channel Divinity power sovereign justice
Sturdy Shifter Shifter Gain temporary hit points when using racial power
Talenta Warrior Halfling, Talenta Plains background +2 damage and proficiency with Talenta boomerang, Talenta sharrash, and Talenta tangat
Telepathic Sensitivity Kalashtar +5 to Perception when detecting creatures
Traveler's Gift Channel Divinity, must worship the Traveler Use Channel Divinity power Traveler's gift
Undying's Command Channel Divinity, must serve the Undying Court Use Channel Divinity power undying's command
Warforged Tactics Warforged +1 attack bonus against targets adjacent to allies
Xen'drik Weapon Training Drow +2 damage and proficiency with drow long knife and Xen'drik boomerang

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