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Excerpts: ECG Introduction
Eberron Campaign Guide

In today’s Eberron Campaign Guide preview, we introduce the world of this campaign setting, including a look at the nation of Aundair!

Spinning through the endless void is a magnificent world, a sphere of great beauty and sinister darkness. Girdled by a golden band of sparkling dust and ornamented by twelve moons, the brilliant orb is infused with great magic, peopled by a vast array of creatures, and teeming with life. The world is divided into three parts, one for each of the progenitor dragons whose bodies form the universe.


The kingdom of Aundair combines pastoral straightforwardness with intellectual scholarship. Vibrant cities overflow with commerce, thinkers, and magic, while a patchwork countryside of farms and fields surrounds the castles of the land’s nobility. Farmers make up the bulk of the population, but Aundair has no shortage of scholars and thinkers, mages and mystics. The clash of customs and cultures breeds a unique people, proud and self-sufficient, working together to put the last violent century behind them as they march into a new future.

Lore of Aundair


Common Knowledge: Aundair attracts hopeful apprentices from all over the continent. The nation embraces and celebrates its magical citizens, funding numerous schools and guilds to produce the finest mages in the Five Nations. Most would-be students travel to Arcanix first, to present themselves before the masters of the Arcane Congress. This ancient institution, founded by King Galifar I a thousand years ago, stands at the forefront of magical innovation and study.

Arcana DC 15: Soon after King Galifar secured his nation, the dragon marked houses established the Twelve, an institution to advance and profit from magical research. Fearing the power this development gave the merchant houses, the king authorized and endowed the Arcane Congress to study magic for the betterment of all citizens. Early successes and impartiality during the Last War allowed the Congress to eclipse its rivals, making it the greatest magical institution in the land.

Aundair courts the dragon marked houses, giving them favorable trade agreements to encourage new industries in the nation. Queen Aurala has close ties to the baron of House Lyrandar in Stormhome. Also, she has taken Sasik, a young heir of House Vadalis, as her husband, though she goes out of her way to avoid the appearance of special advantage for her husband's family.

Arcana DC 20: The Arcane Congress might be the best known of the magical societies in Aundair, but other institutions exist as well. Several smaller and less prestigious Aundairian schools draw students to the cities, while master mages often take on apprentices to pass along their learning. Magic also finds a place within the military institutions. The Ministry of Magic recruits from Aundair’s students; many find a place within the famous Knights Arcane, or as battle wizards. Aundair's mages also produce war machines, destructive rituals, and powerful combat spells.

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