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Excerpts: Divine Power Avatar of Death

In today's Divine Power preview, we present a new epic destiny -- the mortal incarnation of a deity who holds sway over death itself, the Avatar of Death!

Epic Destinies

Many epic-level divine characters can anticipate exaltation or damnation after death; as powerful stewards of divine causes in the mortal world, they are naturally among the favorites of the gods. Divine Power's epic destinies offer paths that transition the divine hero from the mortal world to the dominions beyond.

Avatar of Death

You know that life is fleeting, but death is forever. Your enemies would be well advised to remember that as they face you.

Prerequisite: 21st level, Death Knell feat

You are the mortal incarnation of a deity who holds sway over death. You are not simply Jozan the cleric; you are the Raven Queen, who for a time incarnates in the form of Jozan. Your body is a mere shell, a temporary vessel for the unthinkable might of a deity's soul. You were born to be the Raven Queen's mortal form, and as you grow in understanding and power, the light (or darkness) within you shines out for all to see. You might not have realized your true nature before, but now you know exactly what you are.

As an avatar of death, you incarnate the death aspect of your deity. Most likely this is the Raven Queen, but on rare occasions avatars of dead, dormant, or interloper gods arise—you might be an avatar of the dead god Nerull, or some other death deity contesting the Raven Queen's sway.

Good and evil are just words to you, for death makes all causes meaningless. You stare into the vacant sockets of long-dead kings, gaze across the soul-filled plains of the Shadowfell, and stand upon blood-soaked fields of battle. Through it all, you feel no sorrow, no remorse—only a grim sense of bemusement at mortal foolishness in the face of the inevitable. Adventuring is an amusing way to entertain yourself before life comes to an end.

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