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Excerpts: Primal Power Stonefire Rager

In today's Primal Power preview, we present a new paragon path for barbarians -- the Stonefire Rager!


"My rage is my weapon. My rage is my armor. My rage is your doom."

A barbarian can be a quiet warrior who launches into a rampage, or a fierce savage who lives for violence. Do you do battle out of duty and honor, wielding your weapon with grim resolve, or do you savor every blow you deal? Whatever your purpose, you are a barbarian—a force to be feared.

Despite your reputation for brutality, you are more than muscle and savagery. Your bond to the primal spirits makes you a wellspring of force and vitality. It is the spirits that make you a barbarian—they funnel power through your body, instill rage in your heart, and wreak carnage through your weapon.

Rageblood barbarians inspire their allies with their ferocity and endurance; thaneborn barbarians bolstering themselves and their comrades with their courage and resilience. A thunderborn barbarian is surrounded by a cloak of thunder spirits; a whirling barbarian, armed with two weapons, cuts through foes like a cyclone. Whatever type of barbarian you are, you’ll find options in this chapter to support you.


Some barbarians wear trophies on their armor and weapons both to demonstrate their prowess in battle and to serve as a reminder of foes they have overcome. Evil barbarians focus on grim, horrific trophies—severed heads, preserved hands, and bits of bone—to strike fear in their enemies. Most barbarians, though, prefer less grisly displays of their skill.

Many barbarians are proudest of trophies taken from foes that have knocked them unconscious or otherwise pushed them to the brink of defeat. Barbarians also use trophies to mark a victory over a long-standing enemy or a powerful foe whose defeat trumpets their skill and prowess.

The best trophies symbolize an opponent’s strength and ability. A dragon’s fang, a shard from a powerful warrior’s armor, or the stub of a necromancer’s staff signify the enemy’s power and ability. A barbarian typically attaches these trophies to his or her armor and gear, allowing them to hang as testaments to his fighting ability.

If you decide to collect trophies of your fallen enemies, make a list of each item you take from a foe. These trophies are more than marks of victory; they are important symbols of your history. Giving one of your trophies as a gift is a sign of trust and respect. When you are confronted by a particularly worthy foe, you might allow the enemy to live but make the surrender of some token a condition of that offer.

Stonefire Rager

"The earth's rage abides deep below. When roused, it bucks and heaves, leaving nowhere to run or hide"

Prerequisite: Barbarian

Many barbarians fight with the viciousness of a wild animal. Others draw strength from the violence of storms or the destructiveness of fire. You prefer a more steady source: the might of earth and stone. Although the earth endures in stillness, entire cities are destroyed when its anger is incited. You have studied the power of the earth and learned to incorporate it into your barbarian evocations. You combine the raging fury of magma with the patience of stone.

Stonefire ragers are common among dwarves and goliaths. They scale the greatest peaks of the world to commune with mountain spirits. Here and there, small monasteries stand atop mountains where stonefire ragers gather. At first glance, the warrior monks of these places seem to be simple ascetics. Woe to the villain that dares disturb their meditations.

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