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We’re excited to report that February’s Wrath of Ashardalon board game includes the otyugh—everyone’s favorite dung-dwelling monster (closely followed by the rot grub). Even more disgusting than the otyugh—it’s the return of the neo-otyugh! Here’s one of their cruel tactics: they grab and use you for its shield.


An otyugh’s unsavory scent sets creatures to retching, an advantage the detritus-dwelling beast exploits.

These noisome monsters live in filth, subsisting on dung, rot, and carrion as they await fresh meat.

Rank Homes: Otyughs snuggle into squishy nests of decaying matter, which provide excellent camouflage for their mottled flanks. Heaps of moldering plants, piles of maggot-ridden bodies, pools of unidentifiable slime, and pits brimming with excrement are favored nesting sites. An otyugh can survive for some time on the gruesome gruel a well-steeped domicile provides.

Otyughs wallow in stagnant swamps, scum-filled ponds, and damp forest dells. The smell of civilization can attract the creatures as well. Fresh mass graves, city sewers, village middens, and manure-filled animal pens are sure to host one or more otyughs. The solitary creatures prefer to live far from others of their kind, but they don’t become territorial unless suitable nesting sites are scarce or fresh prey wanders past.

Ambush Hunters: An otyugh is a natural ambusher. Its massive bulk and ungainly, three-legged form rule out speed-based attacks, but the rest of its body reeks of predatory ability. The beast sinks into its wallow. Its center tentacle, which is outfitted with two eyes and nostrils, barely breaches the pit’s surface as it watches a creature approach. Then it silently draws back and awaits the perfect moment to strike. With a great splash, an otyugh’s other two tentacles, well muscled and equipped with claws, whip out to smash into startled prey. Even the creature’s scent aids it in battle, as disoriented and sickened foes stumble around trying to settle their bellies long enough to unsheathe their weapons.

Strong but Needy Guardians: With plentiful sustenance, otyughs are content to grow fat in their wallows. Not even the desire to mate stirs one from its putrid stew. This sedentary nature and their hunger for refuse make otyughs valuable guard beasts and disposal units for unwanted guests. They are ideal pets for keeping interlopers from poorly guarded sewers, middens, dungeons, cesspools, oubliettes, and moats. However, some would-be masters underestimate how plentiful a supply of waste, carrion, and victims is needed to keep an otyugh from wandering off. And the creatures do not tame well, especially when peckish. Thus, more than one “trained” otyugh has eaten its master when its wallow has turned bland or tasteless.

Strange Mutations: Soaked in disease and decay, an otyugh gradually evolves in appearance to complement its environment. An otyugh living in offal turns a multihued brown, and its skin grows mottled. The skin of a creature dwelling in a pond scum-covered pool gains a bright green sheen and blisters that mimic the pool’s slime bubbles.

An otyugh’s propensity for mutating makes it particularly susceptible to Far Realm influences. If it eats an aberrant creature’s flesh, the pit dweller rapidly morphs into a much larger, more intelligent, and deadlier neo-otyugh. It also gains psychic and telepathic abilities. Neo-otyughs form dangerous partnerships with allies, bargaining their services for payments in food they consider delicacies.

Level 11 Elite Controller
Huge aberrant magical beast
XP 1,200
HP 232; Bloodied 116 Initiative +6
AC 25, Fortitude 26, Reflex 20, Will 23 Perception +14
Speed 7, swim 7 Darkvision
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Aura Otyugh Stench Aura 2
Living enemies take a –2 penalty to attack rolls while in the aura.
Threatening Reach
The neo-otyugh can make opportunity attacks against enemies within 4 squares of it.
Standard Actions
Melee TentacleAt-Will
Attack: Melee 4 (one creature); +16 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6 + 9 damage, and the neo-otyugh pulls the target up to 3 squares and grabs the target (escape DC 19).
Close Burst Massive Maw of Decay (disease, necrotic)At-Will
Attack: Close blast 2 (creatures in the blast); +16 vs. AC
Hit: 2d6 + 7 damage, or 2d6 + 10 against a creature grabbed by the neo-otyugh, and ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends). In addition, at the end of the encounter, the target makes a saving throw. On a failure, the target contracts greater otyugh filth fever (stage 1).
Minor Actions
Ranged Disgusting Lure (charm, psychic)At-Will
Attack: Ranged 20 (one creature); +14 vs. Will
Hit: 2d8 psychic damage, and if the target does not end its next turn adjacent to the neo-otyugh, the target takes 15 psychic damage.
Triggered Actions
Melee Body ShieldAt-Will
Trigger: An enemy hits the neo-otyugh while the neo-otyugh has a creature grabbed.
Attack (Immediate Interrupt): Melee 1 (one creature grabbed by the neo-otyugh); +14 vs. Fortitude
Hit: The triggering enemy’s attack hits the grabbed creature instead of the neo-otyugh.
Skills Stealth +16
Str 23 (+11)
Dex 13 (+6)
Wis 18 (+9)
Con20 (+10)
Int7 (+3)
Cha15 (+7)
Alignment evil
Languages telepathy 10
Greater Otyugh Filth Fever
Level 11 Disease
Those infected by this disease waste away as they alternately suffer chills and hot flashes.
Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease.
Stage 1: While affected by stage 1, the target loses a healing surge.
Stage 2: While affected by stage 2, the target loses a healing surge and takes a –2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Stage 3: While affected by stage 3, the target loses all healing surges and cannot regain hit points.
The target also takes a –2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Check: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1 or 2.
12 or Lower: The stage of the disease increases by 1.
13-18: No change.
19 or Higher: The stage of the disease decreases by 1.

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