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Item Curses
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium Excerpts

Cursed magic items were a mainstay of older editions of the Dungeons & Dragons game, much to Dungeon Masters’ delight and players’ occasional frustration.

Items that hold curses seem just like normal magic items. They are, in fact, perfectly useful magic items in their own right. Under certain conditions, however, the dark magic of an item’s curse causes the item to fail or malfunction in some spectacular way. Cursed items should never be placed maliciously in a game or treated simply as a way to thwart the players. Such items can be a useful tool for the Dungeon Master, leading to interesting roleplaying opportunities and adventure hooks.

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Necklace of Strangulation

"A necklace of strangulation makes for a gruesome death, but it proves relatively quick. Similarly, the subtle scarab of death does you little harm until it suddenly slams death’s door behind you. But the slow wasting and ultimate fate of the curse of foul rotting . . . a truly twisted mind devised this blight."

Though the origin of the curse remains unknown, the necklace of strangulation appears time and again in history and lore, and it has played a dark part in the deaths of countless heroes and monarchs.

In addition to its normal properties and powers, an item that has this curse strangles its wearer during combat.

Periapt of Foul Rotting

This curse was first seen in the spoils taken from Itimish, the Tower of Tombs, but its tenebrous essence has long since spread. A periapt of foul rotting curse inflicts a deadly plague upon its wearer—a horrific scourge that few survive.

In addition to its normal properties and powers, an item that has this curse infects its wearer with a flesh-eating disease.

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