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The Satyr
Heroes of the Feywild Excerpts
Bart Carroll

M yriad races dwell within the Feywild, many of which have long since journeyed to the mortal realm. The eladrin and the drow are perhaps the best known of these, but they are not the only heroic fey peoples who travel in both worlds. Heroes of the Feywild presents three new Feywild races suitable for any campaign:

Hamadryad: Hamadryads are the enchanting spirits of oak trees. At one with nature, they can be as calm as the autumn sunset one moment and as violent as a thunderstorm the next.

Pixie: Childlike fairies full of wonder and magic, the tiny pixies fly on vibrant wings and vanish into thin air on a whim.

Satyr: Half humanoid and half goat, satyrs love music and celebration, and they constantly seek the chance to prove themselves good friends and deadly enemies.

In today's preview, we look at one race in depth: the satyr.

A race branded by folklore as tricksters, hedonists, and charlatans, satyrs only partially deserve the dark aspect of their reputation. Satyrs first came to the mortal realm when the world was young and had not yet fully healed from the destruction of the Dawn War. That war drew the Feywild closer to the mortal realm, connecting the two through rifts in the fabric of the planes that the inhabitants of the natural world would come to call fey crossings.

Possessed of mischievous and investigative souls, satyrs ventured cautiously through the fey crossings and made contact with the fledgling races of the world. Most of these early meetings were brief and violent. Though adventuresome, satyrs are also skittish, even as the humanoids of the world often see unintended threats in the strange and the unknown. From these early encounters came the seeds from which the folk tales sprung—stories of satyrs appearing within frontier villages to spread merry mayhem, and using the magic of song to charm children, maidens, and matrons alike.

Over time, the growing conflicts of the mortal realm saw the satyrs abandon the fey crossings to sequester themselves in their safe havens in the Feywild. There, they avoided the wars of other races, content to spend their days in revelry rather than try to interfere in the troubles of mortals and fey alike.

In recent times, the mortal realm has begun to call to the satyrs once again. With the fall of great empires and the collapse of civilization down to isolated outposts in a widening wilderness, the satyrs are drawn to explore that wilderness once more. Their race has become well known to the barbarian tribes and civilized outposts along the borderlands, where they emerge from fey crossings to sate their curiosity regarding the mortal realm.

(288 Kbs PDF)

Let's also take a look at some of the book's art, that shows off some more of the satyrs in action (or in repose, as the case may be)—with thanks to artist Tyler Jacobson!

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