Excerpts Archive | 9/17/2012
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Dungeon Tiles
Castle Grimstead Excerpts
Bart Carroll

The forthcoming Dungeon Tiles set: Castle Grimstead, features six durable, double-sided card stock sheets of illustrated terrain, with die-cut tiles, with emphasis on castles and fortifications.

We've shown off sample tiles in the August and September In the Works columns. Including those tiles, let's also take a look at more sample terrain!

From August's In the Works: Outer defenses, including a raised drawbridge and tower:

From September's In the Works: Castle entryway, including flanking guard rooms:

To better defend the castle, we have additional walls and moat tiles:

Of course, to access the castle, you need to cross the drawbridge, the portcullis, and avoid the troop barracks:

Now that we've approached the castle, let's finally get to the throne room itself!

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