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Magic Item Compendium Excerpts: Sets

M agic items are an integral part of the Dungeons & Dragons game experience. As long as D&D has been around, there have been +1 swords and potions of healing—they’re as inextricably linked with the game’s identity as 18th-level fighters and magic missile spells. Every fighter saves up for his first magic weapon, and no one who’s played a paladin hasn’t dreamed about what it would be like to wield a holy avenger.

Magic items also make up a crucial part of every D&D character’s array of abilities. A magic weapon can slice through a creature’s damage reduction, a ring of protection diverts otherwise deadly attacks, and a handy potion or scroll can tip the balance in a critical encounter. A character without magic items is like a wizard with only half her spells prepared or a fighter who hasn’t bothered to select all his feats—he’s simply incomplete.

So begins the introduction to the 3.5 Magic Item Compendium—collecting the most popular magic items in the D&D game and presents them in one easy-to-reference tome.

In today's excerpt, we consider a sampling of the book's magic item sets.

A magic item set consists of three to six thematically linked magic items that provide extra bonuses or effects when worn together. The abilities scale or accumulate with the number of items worn. A character gains a particularly potent effect when all the items of a set are worn or used together.

Raiment of the Four

The items of the raiment of the four are energized by the four cornerstones of the world: earth, sky, sea, and sun. When you don pieces of the four, you become more attuned with reality itself, even gaining a measure of control over it. Individual items from the raiment are useful to any character, and the entire set is particularly useful for druids, rangers, and any other spellcasters who travel to difficult, dangerous places.

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In addition, Appendix II of the Magic Item Compendium presents a new random treasure generation system for DMs to use when creating random treasure hoards. It contains all the items from Magic Item Compendium and the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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